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1861 Full

Vol 19 no 14 2003 pages 1861 1862 BIOINFORMATICS DOI 10 1093 bioinformatics btg248The EMBL Sequence version archiveRasko Leinonen1 Francesco Nardone1 Olalekan OyewoleNicole Redaschi and Peter StoehrEMBL Outstation The European Bioinformatics Institute EBIWellcome Trust Genome Campus Hinxton Cambridge CB10 1SD UKReceived on 20 January 2003 accepted on 7 March 2003ABSTRACT entries in a quarterly rel...

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cdi2904.indd ArticleEpidemic viral gastroenteritis in Queenslandcoincides with the emergence of a newnorovirus variantMichael J Lyon 1 Gang Wei 2 Greg A Smith1AbstractNorovirus infections cause widespread morbidity and have signi cant economic impact on the com-munity An increase in outbreaks of norovirus gastroenteritis in hospitals nursing homes and in thecommunity was observed in Queensland in ...

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Midterm Exam S2003

BSC5936 Introduction to Bioinformatics Midterm Examination March 2003 Sequence Analysis Techniques thru Week 9The rules use any resource available except your fellow students Due Tues 3-18-03 after Spring BreakException to the rules please do NOT use any additional biocomputing tools on the gene finding questionnumber 3 below Only use the data that I supply for that one Don t even try I ll be able...

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Amelia Resources Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Tuscaloosa Publications Barrell Feb 2011

Microsoft Word - Document2 The Tuscaloosa TrendTuscaloosa Publications BarrellSouth Louisiana Fields Studies 2010 New Orleans Geological Society Port Hudson FieldNew Orleans Geological Society SLOPES Conference 2003 Sequence Stratigraphy andStructural Trap Styles of the Tuscaloosa TrendGCAGS Convention 1997 Sequence Stratigraphy and Structural Trap Styles of theTuscaloosa TrendAAPG Convention 1997...

ameliaresources.com/documents/tuscaloosatrend/Amelia Re...LL FEB 2011.pdf
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Iss13 03

13-03.indd CSLCENTER forS T R AT E G I CLEADERSHIPIssue PaperCenter for Strategic LeadershipU S Army War CollegeDecember 2003Volume 13-03GULF COOPERATION COUNCIL GCC DISASTER RESPONSE ANDENVIRONMENTAL SECURITY EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE EXCOM MEETINGBy Major Mardis W Parker USAF U S Central Command and Dr Kent Hughes ButtsU S Central Command and the Qatar Armed Forces held the Executive Committee EXCOM f...

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