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Fried Zucchini Flowers

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Fried Zucchini Flowers

Batter mix for frying artichokes sage and Zucchini Flowers IngredientsPlain flour 4 blocks iceSalt Chilled soda waterMethodCombine all ingredients to make the batter You want the consistency to be like a pancake consistency andadd the salt to taste Dip the Zucchini flower or sage leaf in the batter to coat and fry in sunflower or vegetableoil Cook until they have become crisp and strain on paper t...

madabouttuscany.com.au/PDF/fried zucch...ini flowers.pdf
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Globeandmail Aug06 2008

red and orange peppers and a briny splash of tangled crab meatJust when I think the fireworks have tapered off and I can safely pause tosavour the tender homemade noodles melting on my tongue a wallop of hotchili and garlic sneaks up from behind to smack me in the back of the throatI am rendered breathless Never - well at least not since the days of BisMoreno or my last trip to Zambri s in Victor

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Cocktail Menu Itemised 2014

Canap menu Pricing Menu 1 12 canap pieces selection of 9 for 2hours12 pieces per person selection of 9 over 2 hours or9 canap pieces selection of 7 and 2Beef fillet B arnaise on mini toast fillersPan-Fried whitebait and parsley fritters fresh lime orMini double baked Gruyere cheese souffl 6 canap pieces selection of 5 and 2Star anise BBQ quail coriander and snowpea sprouts rice paper roll substant...

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ale 17 902 Poached eggs over crumpets topped with avocado mash smoked salmonhollandaise available with bacon instead of smoked salmonChilli Eggs 12 90Spicy napoli sauce served over 2 poached eggs smokey bacon served with multigrain toastHash Stack 15 90Homemade hash browns baked beans with goat s feta chorizo topped with a Fried eggBreakfast 8 Sub 12 90Warm baguette filled with scrambled egg crisp

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Dh Menu

Breakfast 8am to 12pmEggs 2 eggs of the following choice served on sourdough toast 11PoachedScrambledFriedOmeletteFine herb ricotta cheese 15Spring vegetables 15Ham manchego 16Spanish saffron potato chorizo oven roast tomato parsley basil 17Alaskan crab sweetcorn basil 18Eggs Benedict choice of ham smoked salmon or spinach 17BLT toasted brioche bun Fried egg tomato chutney bacon lettuce 16Baked eg...

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