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Congress Ties Postal Service Into Knots

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Congress Ties Postal Service Into Knots

Congress Ties Postal Service Into Knots Original Reporting By Kevin C Brown Government services Role of GovernmentNov 1 2012 What does a business that has perennially been short of funds do in the happy circum-stance where it begins to have surpluses available Well it might pay off some of its debt and put somemoney away for a rainy day But then particularly if was operating within a competitive l...

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In E Mail Age Postal Service

In E-Mail Age, Postal Service Struggles to Avoid a Default - NYTimes.com In E-Mail Age Postal Service Struggles to Avoid a Default - NYTimes comReprints CloseThis copy is for your personal noncommercial use only You can order presentation-ready copies for distribution to yourcolleagues clients or customers here or use the Reprints tool that appears next to any article Visit www nytreprints com for...

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Funding Postal Service Obligations to the Civil Service Retirement System Order Code RL31684Report for CongressReceived through the CRS WebFunding Postal Service Obligations to theCivil Service Retirement SystemUpdated February 25 2003Patrick PurcellSpecialist in Social LegislationDomestic Social Policy DivisionNye StevensSpecialist in American National GovernmentGovernment and Finance DivisionCo...

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08 2012 Customer

Customer Connect: Houston carrier nets big profit for the Postal Service Customer Carriers boost revenue by promoting USPS productsHave Customer Connectsuccess stories orConnectpictures to shareNow is your branch s time to shine Letother members know how you ve beencontributing to the program Send anystories or pictures topostalrecord nalc org or toThe Postal Record NALC100 Indiana Avenue NWWashin...

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Letter Carriers Guide 2014

50508GuideX5.qxp National Associationof Letter CarriersThe Letter Carrier s GuideDear Letter Carrierreetings from the National Association of Letter Carriers andG welcome to your new job As a letter carrier you will performan important Service for the American people This is why let-ter carriers for generations have won the respect and admira-tion of their fellow citizens It is a recognition we ha...

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