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German Cockroaches

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German Cockroaches

German Cockroaches.pub German CockroachBlatella germanicaFossil evidence indicates Cockroaches have lived on earth for 350 million years GermanCockroaches are the most common roaches found in homes and restaurants hitchhikingin via groceries beer appliances and other deliveriesThe German cockroach is 1 2-5 8 inch in length with a flattened oval body and longantennae Color varying from pale to medi...

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Basf Pest Control Solutions Announces Smartsolution For German Cockroaches

News Release BASF Pest Control Solutions announces SmartSolution for For more information contactKimberly GilbertGerman Cockroaches BASF CorporationTel 919 659-3050E-mailkimberly gilbert basf comST LOUIS MO January 20 2011 BASF Pest Control Solutions reveals a new SmartSolutionfor German Cockroaches that combines a range of products to overcome common cockroachtreatment challenges such as bait ave...

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sResidual Control Of German Cockroaches For Up To 6 WeeksACTIVE INGREDIENTSEsfenvalerate CAS No 66230-04-4 9 36OTHER INGREDIENTS 90 64Contains petroleum distillate 100 000EPA Reg No 73049-420-499KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDRENCAUTIONFIRST AID ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS DO NOT use in a fogger or as a space spray ClearThis product is toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates Do Zone will not damage surfaces

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Parish Jan14

ore product thanmedical problems and distresses caused food a very common illness needed choose the wrong oneby pests German Cockroaches alone and or incorrectly store orIn recent years the numbers of deaths can carry up to 50 different types of dispose of containerseach year in the U S because of pests has pathogens Besides diseases the venom By greatly reducing the number ofgone up to over 500 p

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PII: S0378-1119(01)00529-7 Gene 272 2001 257 266www elsevier com locate geneCYP9E2 CYP4C21 and related pseudogenes from German cockroachesBlattella germanica implications for molecular evolution expressionstudies and nomenclature of P450sZhimou Wen Christine E Horak Jeffrey G ScottDepartment of Entomology Comstock Hall Cornell University Ithaca NY 14853-0901 USAReceived 2 January 2001 received in ...

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