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Taming Lakatos' Monster Computer Virus Epidemics And Internet Security Policy

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Pages: 8
Taming Lakatos' Monster Computer Virus Epidemics And Internet Security Policy

Taming Lakatos Monster - Computer Virus Epidemics And Internet Security PolicyViktor Mayer-Sch nbergerThe John F Kennedy School of Government Harvard UniversityA few months back I received an email inviting me to speak at WebNet 2000 I waspleasantly surprised And ready to accept until I read the proposed topic of my talkcomputer Security And Computer viruses I was dumbfounded I am a lawyer by trai...

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Internet Computer Virus Protection Policy

Internet Computer Virus protection Policy H Joseph WenSchool of Management New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark USAOrganizations And individuals two functions First it copies itself into previ-today need to have a compre- Introduction ously uninfected programs or les Secondhensive Virus protection Computer viruses have evolved since rst perhaps after a speci c number of execu-Policy to face t...

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The Bulgarian Computer Virus Factory

The Bulgarian Computer Virus Factory The Bulgarian ware As part of this Policy insideBulgaria s borders there were nolaws protecting Computer informa-Computer Virus Factory tion Virus vandalism was not illegalNo matter how much damage virushackers did to others work And prop-By Gordon Young erty programming And spreadingB ulgaria was the world s computervirus hot spot between 1988 and1993 when a s...

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Formal Affordance Based Models Of Computer Virus Reproduction

Formal Affordance-based Models of Computer Virus Reproduction Formal A ordance-based Models ofComputer Virus ReproductionMatt Webster And Grant MalcolmAbstractWe present a novel classi cation of Computer viruses using a for-malised notion of reproductive models based on Gibson s theory ofa ordances A Computer Virus reproduction model consists of a la-belled transition system to represent the state...

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Www Rferl Org Powerful Flame Spyware Computer Virus Iran Middle East

[Powerful 'Flame' Computer Virus Hits Iran, Mideast] - [Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty © 2012] May 28 2012Experts say they have discovered a complex Virus dubbed Flame or Skywiper which is infectingand stealing information from computers in Iran And the Middle EastThe news is certain to stoke speculation that the Virus is part of a growing list of examples ofintelligence agencies waging cyberw...

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