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Sermon Viriditas Greening Power March 16

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Sermon Viriditas Greening Power March 16

Viriditas Greening Power Lisa MobayedMarch 16 2014This time when I sat on the bench it sank into the ground only an inch or two And as thesun eased a winter s worth of tension from my neck and shoulders all I could do was closemy eyes in warm gratitude There is a brief window of time in Northern New England thatspan of days between mud season and black fly season when sitting on an outside bench i...

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Sermon 25032012

Sermon FOR SUNDAY 25TH March 2012 Sermon FOR SUNDAY 25TH March 2012 LENT 5 YEAR BToday s readings are full of references to new life a new covenant in Jeremiah cleanhearts in the psalm suffering and being made perfect in Hebrews and Jesus talking aboutseeds dying and bearing fruit as well as a reference to his own forthcoming death in thegospelSo what do we make of it all First let s look at what ...

stleonardshorsham.org.uk/wp-content/Notes/SERMON 250320...ON 25032012.pdf
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1 Timothy Pt 13 Sermon Guide March 9 2014

Microsoft Word - Sermon Application guide Church is Important - 9th March 2014 Sermon Application GuideWeek of March 9th 2014Calvary Baptist Church Pembroke ONChurch is Important 1 Timothy 3 14-15Don t we sometimes take for granted that we are the church of the living God the only living Godthe One True God Though sometimes we wear that on our sleeves we also sometimes forget themagnitude of such...

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Sermon 24 March 2013

Sermon 24 March 2013 Sermon Page 1 31 March 13We know the story of Palm Sunday wellIt was the concluding element to Jesus ministry touring about teachingdemonstrating signs preaching all of which was drawing the crowdAnd so we come to read Slide 1Luke 19 36 40 NLT 36 As he rode along the crowds spread out their garmentson the road ahead of him 37 When he reached the place where the road starteddow...

members.westnet.com.au/qbnbaptist/Sermon 24 March 2013.... March 2013.pdf
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Sermon 9 March 2014

Sermon 9 March 2014 Sermon Page 1 31 March 14I want to follow on from the passage we looked at last week centred around thetheme of God s HospitalityDo we remember the setting of the present chapter Slide 1Ahhh yes A dinner party a special meal on the Sabbath day at which all thenobs of society were presentAnd what commences our reading today Frame 2Luke 14 15 NLT 15 Hearing this a man sitting at ...

members.westnet.com.au/qbnbaptist/Sermon 9 March 2014.p... March 2014.pdf
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