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6 8 Novel Notes

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6 8 Novel Notes

Microsoft Word - 6-8 Novel Notes.doc NameTitleAuthorParent SignatureSummer Reading Novel NotesMain Characters list names with how they fit into the story plus traitsSetting time place atmospherePrimary Conflict what is the major problem facing the main charactersList the main events in the story be sure to list only the highlights......

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Sample Character Web Lesson Using Glogster

isplaying or relating actions3 describing the character s thoughts4 describing the reactions of others1 Answer the four points that make good characterization in an interesting and persuasivemanner using the glogster online application People will want to read the Novel afterseeing YOUR project 4 marks4 Wow 3 Very Good 2 alright 1 WhatQuestions are answered Thoughtfully and completely Everything w

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Ap Literature And Composition 2012 2013 Daily Syllabus For Website

AP Literature and Composition 2012-2013 lesson plan Betteridge Aug 28Collect Novel Notes for King Lear and A Thousand AcresPass out Aug Sept Syllabus - discussPass out class guidelines and policies HO discussGo over class expectations29Pass out lit terms - know for use on tests in papers in discussion etcThese need to be a part of your everyday English vocabulary study them on your ownPass out Che...

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NCRA Jan 08 newsletter (Page 1) NCRA Newsletter CHARTERED BY THE INTERNATIONAL READING ASSOCIATIONVOL XXXXI NO 1 North Carolina Reading Association January 2010Surfing the Waves to LiteracyNCRA Conference 2010March 22-24 GREENSBOROConference HighlightsAuthors- Pamela Munoz Ryan- Amy Krouse Rosenthal- Johanna Hurwitz- Irene Smalls- NC author Suzanne TateInstitutes- Richard Gentry - 21st CenturyPrac...

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Camp Interview

ds up Bill Camp and Zofia Goszczynska in Olly s Prison at American Repertory TheatreDianne Wiest s legs in a moment of audience-squirmingsteamy transgression His extraordinary immersion in dramatic texts both in his depthMore recently Camp seethed sadness and desperation as the of understanding and his Juilliard-trained delivery makes him aheroin-addicted Quango Twistleton in Tony Kushner s Homebo

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