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731 732 P GM EBS 25

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731 732 P Gm Ebs 25

Swelling pressures of selected bentonites P Gm Ebs 25SWELLING PRESSURES OF SELECTED BENTONITESW Baille 1 T Schanz 1 S Kaufhold 2 R Dohrmann 21 Laboratory of Foundation Engineering Soil and Rock Mechanics Ruhr-Universit t BochumD-44780 Bochum Germany wiebke baille rub de2 BGR Hannover Germany stephan kaufhold bgr deIn the past years compacted bentonites have been proposed as suitable barrier and ba...

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705 406 P Gm Ebs 12

Development of a conceptual model for vapour diffusion dominated bentonite re-saturation P Gm Ebs 12DEVELOPMENT OF A CONCEPTUAL MODELFOR VAPOUR DIFFUSION DOMINATED BENTONITERE-SATURATIONK -P Kr hnGRS D-38122 Braunschweig Germany klaus-peter kroehn grs deThe established codes for modelling the re-saturation of compacted bentonite like CODEBRIGHTABAQUS or GeoSys ROCKFLOW are based on the assumption ...

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727 728 P Gm Ebs 23

Geochemical processes in the febex bentonite after a heating and hydration in situ test in the grimsel URL P Gm Ebs 23GEOCHEMICAL PROCESSES IN THE FEBEXBENTONITE AFTER A HEATING AND HYDRATIONIN SITU TEST IN THE GRIMSEL URLA M Fern ndez 1 A Muurinen 2 E Montarges-Pelletier 3 N Jockwer 4 P Rivas 11 CIEMAT Avda Complutense 22 28040 Madrid anamaria fernandez ciemat es2 VTT Otakaari 3 A Espoo P O Box 1...

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703 704 P Gm Ebs 11

Granular MX-80 bentonite as buffer material: a focus on swelling characteristics P Gm Ebs 11GRANULAR MX-80 BENTONITE AS BUFFERMATERIAL A FOCUS ON SWELLINGCHARACTERISTICSM Rizzi 1 L Laloui 1 S Salager 1 P Marschall 21 Soil Mechanics Laboratory cole Polytechnique F d rale de Lausanne CH-1015 LausanneSwitzerland marta rizzi epfl ch2 NAGRA CH-5430 Wettingen Switzerland Paul Marschall nagra chThe Swis...

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Top Ten Facts About Biotech Gm Crops In 2012 Mar262013 1

Global Status of Commercialized Biotech Gm Crops 2012 By Clive James Founder and Chair of ISAAADedicated by the author to the 1 billionpoor and hungry people and their survivalTOP TEN FACTS about Biotech Gm Crops in 2012FACT 1 2012 was the 17th year of successful commercialization of biotech crops Biotechcrops were first commercialized in 1996 Hectarage of biotech crops increased every single year...

files.e-bic.net/200000141-c917dc92de/Top Ten Facts Abou...r262013 (1).pdf
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