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Devasia14 Dev Agenda

Development Asia, Issue 14: Development Agenda DEVELOPMENT AGENDA2-5 MAY JUNE AUGUSTDelhi 2013 4 Day of Innocent Children46th Annual Victims of AggressionMeeting of the Asian 5 7 World Economic Forum on EastDevelopment Bank Asia Nay Pyi Taw MyanmarIndia Export Mart 6 9 Asian Conference onLimited Greater Sustainability Energy andNoida Delhi India Environment Osaka Japan 11 World Population Day8 Wor...

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Devasia14 Features1

Development Asia, Issue 14: Slums Reconsidered FEATURES As of 2012 farmers in the PRCmigrating to cities ran in the millionsSLUMSReconsideredSlums may be eyesores but they can also bedynamic economies in their own rightBy Nirmal GhoshSaiyuud Diwong a 38-year-old communities may still be relatively The old stereotype of slums asmother of two was born in and miserable places to live in but they hudd...

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Devasia14 2

Development Asia, Issue 14: The Reformer Q ATHE REFORMERIndia s Finance Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram talks toDevelopment Asia on the challenges of addressing inequalityFor the past 2 decades Palaniappan robust economic growth But his lifelong concern for India sChidambaram has played a central role in poor is re ected in his most recent national Union Budgetsteering national economic policy du...

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Devasia14 1

that Sub-a growing economy offers those with Saharan Africa and Latin America andthe rich the right education and skills the Caribbean all have higher levels ofMyla not her real name sacri ced inequality than Asia However manyBy John Larkin her dreams of attending school to countries in Latin America and thebecome a child laborer I was about Caribbean have seen Gini coefficientsto enrol but we di

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Devasia14 Ontheweb

rom its companies have pledged to donate a total ofNews VideosTwitter account a donation is made directly 1 6 million by 31 December 2013organizations in 60 countries In Asia ithas 14 partner countries including IndiaFeatures Regionsand Sri Lanka which have their own HelpAge websites Helpage com features projectdetails and updates on relevant issuesincluding health civil rights social protectionEv

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