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Ezekiel 1 20 By CJM

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Pages: 8
Ezekiel 1 20 By Cjm

Ezekiel (1-20) By Cjm The Book of Ezekiel 1-20Author Rev C J McKnight1Ezekiel is one of those to whom was given a prophetic name at thetime of his birth Having reached the age of priesthood that is thirtyyears of age He is called to the ministry of a prophet Seeing that hewas in captivity in Babylon there was no temple or house of worshipin which he could minister as a priest His name indicated th...

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Pages: 8
Ezekiel 201 218 By Cjm

Ezekiel (201-218) By Cjm The Book of Ezekiel 201-218Author Rev C J McKnight201Ezekiel was privileged to hear the voice of the Lord as He spoke fromout of the house or the place of the manifest glory of the Lord In thisinstance it represents the future everlasting habitation of the LordEze 43 6 It is the church that the Lord has chosen to dwell in She iscalled the Temple of the living God He has pr...

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Pages: 8
Ezekiel 121 140 By Cjm

Ezekiel (121-140) By Cjm The Book of Ezekiel 121-140Author Rev C J McKnight121Where can we turn but to the Word of the Lord for the identification ofthe bloody city It was the responsibility of Ezekiel to convey to thecity and its inhabitants the feelings of the Lord concerning them As aprophet he was to rip the cover off of them and expose theirwickedness Eze 22 2 This is to be repeated centuries...

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Pages: 8
Ezekiel 61 80 By Cjm

Ezekiel (61-80) By Cjm The Book of Ezekiel 41-60Author Rev C J McKnight61The day had arrived where there was to be a difference made betweenthose who were concerned and those who were not concerned aboutthe spiritual condition of the people of the Lord The division was to bemade between those who were the cause and those who By theirintercession cried out to the Lord for a change We note that the ...

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Pages: 8
Ezekiel 141 160 By Cjm

Ezekiel (141-160) By Cjm The Book of Ezekiel 141-160Author Rev C J McKnight141Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall Pr16 18 Everyone in the history of mankind who has been overcome bythe spirit of Satan has had this spiritual disease Every type everysymbol of the antichrist has this mark upon it That makes it easy tounderstand those who are types The heart of Tyrus was e...

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