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nal library sites such as NSDL Merlotfor producing two inter-related user typologies based on and DLESE in the US SchoolNet in Europe and the Na-use di usion Use di usion theory views technology adop- tional Digital Learning Resources Network in Australia totion as a process that can lead to widely di erent patterns of name just a few As library e orts continue to mature thereuse across a given po

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Edm2010 Submission 54

Formatting Instructions for Educational Data Mining Conference Online Curriculum Planning Behavior of TeachersKeith E Maull1 Manuel Gerardo Saldivar2 3 and Tamara Sumner1 3keith maull manuel saldivar tamara sumner colorado edu1Computer Science Department University of Colorado Boulder2School of Education University of Colorado Boulder3Institute of Cognitive Science University of Colorado BoulderAb...

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3 21sumner Cr Edjw021105

Title of Article should be centered on Page A WIDE-BANDWIDTH LOW-NOISE SIS RECEIVERDESIGN FOR MILLIMETER AND SUBMILLIMETERWAVELENGTHSMatthew Sumner1 Andrew Blain1 Andrew Harris2 Robert Hu3 Henry G LeDuc4David Miller1 Frank Rice1 Sander Weinreb4 Jonas Zmuidzinas11California Institute of Technology Pasadena CA 911252Department of Astronomy University of Maryland College Park Maryland 207423Universit...

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1078 0432 Ccr 11 2059 Full

K Sumner1 William D Travis2 Adriana Heguy3 Michelle S Ginsberg5 Andrei I Holodny5Timothy A Chan6 Naiyer A Rizvi1 Christopher G Azzoli1 Gregory J Riely1 Mark G Kris1 and Lee M Krug1AbstractPurpose This phase II study was conducted to assess the ef cacy of temozolomide in patients withrelapsed small cell lung cancer SCLCExperimental Design Patients with disease progression after one or two prior ch

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Becker Etal

QG2010TgtConcptSlctnbecker.pptx WHAT S NEXTTARGET CONCEPTIDENTIFICATIONAND SEQUENCINGLEE BECKER1 RODNEY NIELSEN1 2 IFEYINWA OKOYE1TAMARA Sumner1 AND WAYNE WARD1 21 Center for Computational Language and EducAtion Research CLEAR2010 06 18 University of Colorado at Boulder2 Boulder Language TechnologiesGoalsIntroduce Target Concept Identification TCIPotentially the most important QG related taskEncou...

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