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Lote Italian

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Lote Italian

Microsoft Word - Italian Open Day.doc ItalianHoly Cross CollegeRationale Use of Technology and the TEC ProgramThe study of a foreign language providesopportunities for students to become more Stage 4 and 5accepting of diversity more respectful of ICT has been incorporated into Italian in a fewothers and more aware of their place in the different ways The Year 8 TEC class uses theinternational comm...

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VCE Italian DESCRIPTOR VCE ItalianYear 11Unit 1For this unit the student is required to demonstrate achievement of three outcomesThe student should be able to establish and maintain a spoken or written exchange related topersonal areas of experience Students should be able to listen to read and obtain informationfrom spoken and written texts On completion of this unit the student should be able to...

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2015 Italian LANGUAGE ASSISTANT APPLICATION FORM Closing date 4 00pm Friday 7 November 2014Name of SchoolSchool AddressTelephone FaxName of PrincipalPrincipal s emailName of contact teacher This teacher is the key liaison person between CO AS IT the schooland the assistantContact teacher s emailNumber of years Italian has been taught at the schoolHas the school previously had a COASIT Italian Lan...

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9 February 2011

We have had a Special Needs Education Assistant Mrs Saltlot of new students enrol for this year and this Special Needs Education Assistant Mrs Campbellhas increased our staff numbers as well We are to our maximum Special Needs Education Assistant Miss Houghtonclassroom occupancy and I have ordered a few more transportable Special Needs Education Assistant - Mrs Wendenclassrooms for the growing nu

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1360212449newsletter 07022013

school expectations asoutlined in the Student Management notice available on our school website under the Notices linkThe start of the year is also a time of establishing routines with thanks to our families forensuring that children arrive at school on time Also please familiarise yourself with yourchild s weekly and daily schedules with the Specialist Timetable Art Lote Italian Musicand Physica

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