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Tactical Combat Casualty Care in the Canadian Forces: lessons learned from the Afghan war CHIRURGIE EN TEMPS DE GUERREtactical Combat Casualty Care in the CanadianForces lessons learned from the Afghan warLCol Erin Savage MD Tactical Combat Casualty Care TCCC is intended to treat potentially preventableMaj Colleen Forestier MD causes of death on the battlefield but acknowledges that application of...

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Transatlantic Security Cooperation 7 10 2013

The Future of Transatlantic Security Cooperation after 2014 Perspectives for the North Atlantic Alliance beyond Afghanistan1By Marco Overhaus Brian Hensarling Adam Jarosz Matthew Kroenig Zornitsa StoyanovaThomas A WalshOctober 7 2013The year 2014 might well be another turning point for transatlantic security cooperation Theend of the Combat Operation in Afghanistan epitomizes a more general trend ...

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May Newsletter 2013

e training hewas posted to Second Battalion The Royal Canadian RegimentBGen Lavoie s regimental employment includes service with 2 RCR 1 RCR and as theRegimental Adjutant As a member of 2 RCR he was employed as a platoon commander officercommanding reconnaissance platoon and as a company second-in command While posted to 1RCR he served as the battle group operations officer and as Officer Commandi

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Mountaineer 2005 07 15

nsibility secure mosques and schools to store weapons and ammunition3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment According to a 3rd ACR press release the troops The Soldiers actions resulted in 15 terrorists killedPublic Affairs Office engaged in a successful Combat Operation against terror- and several others injuredThe Soldiers of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment ists in Tel Afar Iraq Monday Early Tuesday morni

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counterinsurgency strategy The ongoingUS presidential campaign serves as a catalyst to polarize public opinion asthe insurrectionists step up their offensive in an unsuccessful attempt to un-seat the incumbent Republican PresidentThese events from a century ago share a number of striking par-allels with the events of 2003 and 2004 The Philippine Insurrection of 1899-1902 was America s first major

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