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Flash1 Inicio en FlashInicio en FlashObjetivoTrabajar las distintas ventanas de trabajo de Flash y su utilidadQu es un fotogramaCon qu s mbolos trabaja FlashManejar la barra de herramientas de FlashDuraci n de la actividad20 minutosQu aprenderemos con esta gu aActividadesUna de las cosas m s dif ciles de trabajar en flash es dominar la gran cantidad deventanas de trabajo que posee Por eso no se de...

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N74LS32DC CHARACTERISTICS OVER OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE unless otherwise specifiedLimitsSymbol Parameter Min Typ Max Unit Test ConditionsGuaranteed Input HIGH Voltage forVIH Input HIGH Voltage 2 0 VAll Inputs0 8 Guaranteed Input LOW Voltage forVIL Input LOW Voltage VAll InputsVIK Input Clamp Diode Voltage 0 65 1 5 V VCC MIN IIN 18 mA2 7 3 5 V VCC MIN IOH MAX VIN VIHVOH Output HIGH Voltageor VIL

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Hy27uf162g2a Tpib

H 15ns min3 Correct copy back function4 Delet PreliminaryRev 0 3 Nov 2006 2HY27UF 08 16 2G2A Series2Gbit 256Mx8bit 128Mx16bit NAND FlashFEATURES SUMMARYHIGH DENSITY NAND FLASH MEMORIES FAST BLOCK ERASE- Cost effective solutions for mass storage applications - Block erase time 2ms TypNAND INTERFACE STATUS REGISTER- x8 or x16 bus width- Multiplexed Address Data ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE- Pinout compatibi

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Jaspersoft Platform Support V5 0 1

ed as upward compatible bythe platform vendor2 Product issues must be reproduced on a Certified platform as listed in thisdocument otherwise Jaspersoft will offer Guidance Level support as definedbelowa Jaspersoft Customer Support will log a case collect the information and review itwithout necessarily setting up the customer environment to make educatedsuggestions as to what is happening and how

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Faq Enclosures

han one NEMA type rating on my enclosureWhich NEMA types correspond to environmental descriptions such as rainproof driptightdusttight wet location etcIs there a cross reference between NEMA types and IEC 60529 IP ratingsCan the testing used to determine an IEC 60529 IP rating be correlated to NEMA dustand water performance testingHow do the water test parameters compare between NEMA 250 hose test

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