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Faith The Word Of God Feb 2013

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Faith The Word Of God Feb 2013

Microsoft Word - Faith & The Word Of God (Feb 2013).docx Faith The WordWelcome prayerTalks 50th Anniversary Of The opening Of The Second Vatican Council Thetheme for tonight is Faith and The Word Of GodI feel very fortunate I became an altar server aged 8 It was The pre-VaticanII days The days Of The Latin Mass I remember having to learn all The Massresponses in Latin Having just mastered The resp...

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Newsletter Feb 2013

Microsoft Word - newsletter - Feb 2013 The Free SpiritBig Sky Unitarian Universalist FellowshipHelena MontanaFebruary 2013Let Me Introduce You toUpcoming at BSUUFwww uua orgSunday Feb 3 Can UUs Love The By Joyce Kronholm BSUUF board presidentSuperbowl Led by Patrick JohnsonMany Of you are new to our Fellowship so I thought itAlso this is Potluck Sundaywould be good to introduce you to our national...

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Faith When God Is Silent

Microsoft Word - Faith when God is Silent.doc Faith Series Faith when God is Silent NotesHebrews 1 1-3 NKJV God who at various times and in variousways spoke in time past to The fathers by The prophets 2 has inthese last days spoken to us by His Son whom He has appointedheir Of all things through whom also He made The worlds 3 whobeing The brightness Of His glory and The express image Of Hisperson...

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Faith In God Activities That Can Be Completed During Primary

Microsoft Word - Faith in God Activities that Can Be Completed During Primary Faith in God Activities that Can Be Completed During PrimaryTalk IdeasJanuary February 2012 Explain what agency is and what it means to be responsible for yourchoices Discuss how making good choices has helped you develop greater Faith part L LG 9March 2012 Read a recent conference address given by The prophet Decide wha...

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Sermon 17 Feb 2013 The Church Of Ephesus The Church We Never See

Sermon 17 Feb 2013: The Church Of Ephesus - The church we never see SERMON 17 Feb 2013 The CHURCH Of EPHESUS - The CHURCH WE NEVER SEEIntroductionWe are starting a new series thisweek and this involves studyingthe book Of EphesiansCentral truthChurch is The holy soil on whichwe are planted it represents theconditions that make it possiblefor us to grow up in Christ andbecome matured robust Christi...

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