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In All Things Give Thanks

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In All Things Give Thanks

In All Things Give Thanks There is No Need to WorryWe need to have a thankful heart as we go through life Things happen that cancause happiness sadness and mixed feelings but victory comes when we do notallow what is happening around us to dictate our mood We must see thingsthrough the eyes of Jesus and have a thankful heart even when Things are toughI Thessalonians 5 18 says In everything Give th...

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We Give Thanks At Thanksgiving

We Give Thanks at Thanksgiving 11 24 13We will wait until next week to continue our discussion on possible reasons the Lord allows us to gothrough tough times This week we want to celebrate Thanksgiving We want to Give Thanks for All thewonderful blessings the Lord blesses us with Even during terrible times we can be thankful to Jesusbecause of what He did for us on the cross and because he rose f...

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We Give Thanks

We Give Thanks 11 20 11During this Thanksgiving season we want to Give Thanks praise and honor to the Lord for All theblessings He provides us every day I know this is easier to do when Things are going well and we arehealthy and our families are healthy This can be really difficult if we are sick In a hospital bed There aremany blessings we can be thankful for during the good times and during the...

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Worship Service With Give Thanks Theme

Worship Service with Give Thanks Theme Call to WorshipWorthy is the Lord to be praised for he has created the atom and the galaxy and placed theplanets In their orbits He has painted the rainbow and the butterfly wing and given birds theirsongs He has created All the people of the earth and has called them to mercy and justiceWorthy is the Lord to be praisedHymn Give Thanks with a Grateful HeartSc...

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Sr20101121 A King For All Things Now Living

SR20101121 A King For All Things Now Living Northwood Presbyterian Church Christ the King SundayRev David Meriwether Ph D 21 November 2010A King for All Things Now LivingLessons Jeremiah 23 1-6 Luke 23 33-43The chosen people saw the destruction of their holy city and a forced march to captivity inBabylon Their past was glory and now it was slavery and suffering The prophets condemnedthe rulers of ...

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