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Newsletterdecember06 LADIES T E A MVolume 3 Issue 2 December 3 2006WOMEN OF THE WORD CALVARY ROAD BAPTIST CHURCHBeat the Blues Party Dinner With NaomiIs there anyone that failsSaturday January 20 2007 5pmIs there anyone that fallsHave you ever felt be there for you but most of all you Am I the only one inblue Are your need a God who can provide com-blues seasonal situ- fort Come join us for a blue...

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o rd o n S um n e r b eco m e kn o w n as S tin g Nail Clipping5 H o w m a n y E n g lish m e n p la ye d in L ive rp o o l 1 9 8 6sFA cup winning side6 Which three races must a horse win to capture theri l C ro w nT pe SPECIAL OFFER7 Who was the first golfer to be a millionaire PROFESSIONAL WINTER BATH8 What was the first product to be available from a AND NAIL CUTvending machineONLY 109 What Co

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Microsoft Word - Newsletterdecember06.doc NEWSLETTER Words of WisdomHealth Research Hub You cannot discoverHUB Health Underpinning our Business oceans unless you havethe courage to leaveSchool of Nursing Midwiferythe shoreSuccessoriesDecember 2006from the Cardiovascular Respiratory Science Programand my thesis involved a study in Sudden Infant DeathA word from Syndrome I also have a background in ...

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