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Root Words

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Root Words

Microsoft Word - WWW Root Words.doc Wise Wednesday WebsitesRoot Words Prefixes SuffixesCompiled by Beth Haynes School Librarian Hattie B Stokes ElementaryFunbrain Rooting out Words a game in which students after been given a definitionhave to select the correct meaning of the Root wordhttp www funbrain com rootsSadler-Oxford Jelly Fish Type the correct prefix Root word and suffix in the correctbla...

lcscschools.org/pdf/HBS/Media Center/WiseWedSites/Root .../Root Words.pdf
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Greek And Latin Root Words Part 2

Greek Latin Root Words Part 2 Name Due Date Instructions1 In a group of two to three split up the list of vocabulary Words below Assign each person a set of wordsto look up You may use a smartphone dictionary or one of the dictionaries from the back bookshelvesYou may choose to work alone2 When each group member has finished come back together to share definitions and finish filling out theDefini...

olympusbliss.wikispaces.com/file/view/Greek and Latin R...ords Part 2.pdf
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Root Words Day 2 Homework Page 4

Microsoft Word - Root Words lesson plan handout.doc LESSON Root WordsGrade 3rd-5thDate March 21X Visual Knowledge Kinesthetic X ComprehensionX Verbal X ApplicationX Logical Analysis Rhythmic Synthesis Interpersonal Evaluation Intrapersonal NaturalistSTRATEGY Teacher-DirectedSUBJECT AREA Reading Language ArtsCALIFORNIA STANDARDSReading Language ArtsGrade 3o Vocabulary and Concept Development 1 ...

hautgap.ccsdschools.com/UserFiles/Servers/Server_288913...work page 4.pdf
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Flect Or Flex Root Words

Microsoft Word - flect- or flex Words.docx NameVocabulary Root Words flect flex bend Vocabulary section RayQuiz dateWords Definitions1 retroflex adj Bent or turned backward2 reflex angle An angle that is greater than 180 degrees because the angle is bentn beyond the straight line3 reflection n The image in a mirror that is a result of bending light when it isthrown back4 reflect v To bend or throw...

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Science Root Words

Science Root Words: Science Root WordsROOT MEANING EXAMPLEad next to adhesion gastro stomach gastrodermisaeros air aerobic genesis origin biogenesisan without anaerobic phago eat phagocytosisana away anaphase photos light phototropismandro male androgen phulon related phylogenyanthos flower Anthozoa phyllon leaf cholorphyllanti against antibiotic phyton plant epiphyteaqua water aquatic pilus hair ...

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