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amine the influences ontheir conceptions of themselves as teachers I describe the power of this process as it allows beginningteachers to harness their new awareness and insights about their lives as students develop a deeperunderstanding of their roles as teachers in creating the lived classroom curriculum and enjoy a moreproductive and intentional internship experience I also show how the Currer

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y Rosangelica Trevino Alicia LowryMelissa Burbey Rachel Rinehart Austin Reeves Dakota Mathews Christopher McWaters Ryan Tubbs Clarisse LynskeyReed Cox Nathaniel Roach Joshua Riffel Kaitlyn McCray Bailey Millican Elizabeth Tullius Jeanette MarquezVictoria Craig Ramon Salazar Carissa Rodriguez Michael Metcalf Rachael Mina Rayanna Valles Steven MathewsShrader Davis Brianna Sanders Dustin Rumple Heath

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