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lgorithm for computing it by carefully taking into Given a 3D image that is acquired via a com-account morphological characteristics of neurons as mon 3D microscopy protocol automatically re-well as the image properties under typical imaging construct the morphology of the neurons presentprotocols The method has been tested on the data in the imagesets used in the DIADEM competition and producedpr

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Ijcset13 04 06 076

Merge Technique for Automated Reconstruction of Large Image Santanu Santra et al International Journal of Computer Science Engineering Technology IJCSETMerge Technique for Automatedreconstruction of Large ImageSantanu SantraAssistant Professor CSE deptBITM SantiniketanBolpur West Bengalsantrasantanu gmail comMadhsudan MaitiAssistant Professor CSE deptBITM SantiniketanBolpur West Bengalmadhusudan m...

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2012 Zheng Albert

tion ancestor of a set of present-day descendantgenomes Our method as applied to the post-hexaploidization ancestorof the core eudicot owering plants is based solely on the Automatedreconstruction of ancestral gene order starting from all the orthologsobtained for each pair of data genomes harmonized into complete setsof orthologs across multiple genomesWe make use two independent approaches to in

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