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Family Devotion

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Pages: 8
Family Devotion Guide

Family Devotion Guide My name Week 5Theme Moses Leads God s PeoplePrepare together Read together Talk together Pray togetherDay 1 Read together The Baby in the Basket page 82 andtalk together using the following wondering questionsI wonder how Miriam helped care for her brother MosesI wonder how you help care for members of your familyDay 2 Read together The Burning Bush page 86 and talktogether u...

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Pages: 8
The Story Family Devotion Wk5

the story - Family Devotion wk5.indd FamilyResourcePageChapter 5New RulesDevotion 1 Devotion 2Rules about God Rules about OthersToday s reading Page 38 through page 39 Today s reading Page 40 through break on page 40This reading covers Exodus 20 This reading covers Exodus 20Summary God gives us rules to help us relate to him Summary God gives us rules to help us relate to eachotherDo together Have...

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Pages: 8
The Story Family Devotion Wk7

the story - Family Devotion wk7.indd FamilyResourcePageChapter 7The Battle BeginsDevotion 1 Devotion 2Be Strong and Brave The Fame of GodToday s reading Page 48 through middle of page 49 Today s reading Middle of page 49 through breakon page 51The reading covers Joshua 1 This reading covers Joshua 2Summary Since God would be with Joshua he could Summary Even people who don t know God havebe strong...

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Pages: 8
The Story Family Devotion Wk41

the story - Family Devotion wk4.indd FamilyResourcePageChapter 4Out of EgyptDevotion 1 Devotion 2God s Choice God is in ChargeToday s reading Page 26 through top of page 30 Today s reading Top of page 30 through break on page36This reading covers Exodus 1-4This reading covers Exodus 5-14Summary God can use anyone he choosesSummary By bringing his people out of Egypt GodDo together Play a game wher...

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Pages: 8
The Story Family Devotion Wk8

the story - Family Devotion wk8.indd FamilyResourcePageChapter 8A Few Good Men And WomenDevotion 1 Devotion 2Who Will You Listen To Samson s SecretToday s reading Page 54 through middle of page 55 Today s reading Middle of page 55 through breakon page 58This reading covers Judges 2-4This reading covers Judges 13-16Summary God s people listened to others ratherthan obey him Summary Samson tells a s...

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