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Sexual Health Service will also be offering HIV rapid testingwhich is faster and easier than ever before Rapid HIV testing provides a result within 30 minutesWe know that around 10 per cent of HIV positive people in NSW are unaware that they areinfected so we are using NSW Health s HIV Testing Week to encourage testingGetting an HIV test is now easier and faster than ever before and early diagnosi

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Setmana Prova1 2013

Setmana prova 2013 Setmana Europea de la Prova del VIH CatalunyaLa prova del VIH en parlemL Associaci Antisida de Lleida com a membmembre de la Plataforma Unit ria d ONG-SIDA de CatalunyaSIDAComit 1r Desembre s adhereix a la Setmana Europea de la Prova del VIH que es realitzar en totel territori del 22 al 29 de novembrnovembre Aquesta iniciativa proposada en el marc de l European Hivtestingweek ww...

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