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Code Of Conduct 2015

Melville High School Code of Conduct 2015 This Code of Conduct is between studentof home addressPhone Number and Go-Bus bus operator and Melville High School schoolThe caregiver and the student should ensure they have read and understand this document which is to beadhered to for the safety of the bus driver and all students travelling on the school busI student agree to abide by the behavioura...

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City Of Melville 2013 2016 Rap

City of Melville Reconciliation Action Plan2013 - 2016www melvillecity com au rapContentsAcknowledgements 3Use of Terms 4Our Vision for Reconciliation 5Our Business 6Our Reconciliation Action Plan Journey 8Our Action Plan 101 Relationships2 Respect Marri Marri Redgum3 Opportunities4 Tracking Progress and ReportingAppendix One Reconciliation Action PlanWorking Group Members 20Appendix Two List of A...

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Frances Melville

Frances Melville OBE 1873 1962 Ambassador of women s education and most senior academic woman in Scotland suffragistprogressive innovator and leaderFrances Melville was one of 7 children five boys and two girls born into a middle class Edinburghfamily at a time when women were still considered to be homemakers wives and mothers unsuitedfor the rigours of serious academic study and educated primari...

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Year 10 Course Preference Form 2012

Melville HIGH SCHOOL Melville HIGH SCHOOL2012 YEAR 10 COURSE CHOICE FORMSurname First Name s ID Number Tutor Group Date Home Address Home Phone Number Emergency Phone Number We agree to abide by the school behaviour code and rules We agree to follow the uniformrequirements We understand that under the Education Act 1989 we are required to ensure that ourchild attends school whenever it is open...

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Summary Business Plan V4 2013

Melville SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLAn Independent Public SchoolAwarded Top Public Schoolfrom 2006 - 2012Business Plan 2012 - 2014 V4Summary of Priority and Focus Areas with Portfolio ManagerPriority 1 Academic AchievementFoci 1 1 Whole School Literacy and Numeracy Deputy Principal Middle SchoolFoci 1 2 Teacher Judgement Data Achievement Deputy Principal Middle SchoolFoci 1 3 WAMSE Achievement Deputy Princ...

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