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Profile Rough Draft 3

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Pages: 8
Mat 09 1j 4 5 12 Lesson Plan Rough Draft

Mat 09 1J 4-5-12 lesson plan Rough Draft Hi Meganhis is a Rough Draft of my lesson plan for Friday s 9j lesson on solving simultaneous equationsusing the elimination method It includes some specific details about the on-board maths I llincorporate some script-type language I m thinking about and some notes about why I ve jumpedthe way I have Thanks for being so cool about helping me put these toge...

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Rough Transcript Of Senate Power Of Google Hearing

UNEDITED Rough Draft TRANSCRIPT 1 1 NOTICE2 This transcript is a Rough DRAFT3 UNEDITED UNCERTIFIED TRANSCRIPT ONLY It4 contains the raw output from the court reporter s5 stenotype machine translated into English by the6 court reporter s computer without the benefit of7 proofreading It will contain untranslated steno8 strokes mistranslations wrong words and9 misspellings These and any other errors ...

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Converting Outline To Rough Draft

Microsoft Word - Converting Outline to Rough Draft.docx Lesson on Converting Outline to Rough DraftYou have made you outline by copying and pasting you note cards into an outline format Whencompleted you will print your outline and submit it for a grade that will weighted at 30 percentI am showing a partially completed outline below so that you know what you outline should look likeJungle Research...

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Penny Rough Draft

A few days before their own Rough drafts were due I showed my students how my Rough Draft had turned out We used feedback cards to rank some of the writing skills I d done mini lessons on I was sure to point out how different my draftsounded here than it had in my writer s notebook entry that should happen to writing as it develops I told themThe best feedback I got from my kids was that the story...

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Microsoft Word - Rough Draft deadline rubric.doc Rough Draft Evaluation RubricFirst Deadline Name sIt will be your job to convince me of the grade that you believe you deserve on thisdraftResearchExplain your research process and techniques1 How many polls or surveys were distributed How did you distribute these2 How did you use the information gathered from polls surveys3 What other background in...

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