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Self Reported Energy Intake To Maintain Body Weight

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Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Self Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Reported Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Energy Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Intake Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">To Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Maintain Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Body Weight

383119 274..281 British Journal of Nutrition 2011 106 274 281 doi 10 1017 S0007114511000067q The Authors 2011Self-Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Reported Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Energy Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Intake by FFQ compared with actual Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Energy intaketo Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Maintain Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Body Weight in 516 adultsEls Siebelink Anouk Geelen and Jeanne H M de VriesDivision of Human Nutrition Wageningen University PO Box 8129 6700 EV Wageningen The NetherlandsReceived 5 July 2010 Revised 1 December...

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Correlates of over- and underreporting of Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Energy Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Intake in healthy older men and women13Rachel K Johnson Michael I Goran and Eric T PoehlmanABSTRACT The aim of this study was Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">To determine whether women in whom Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Energy requirements are unknown and whovariations in physiological characteristics were predictive of over- experience extremes of thinness and fatness Low Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Body weightor underreporting of en...

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Researchreport 2009 5 Examining Accuracy Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Self Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Reported High School Grade Point Average

Examining the Accuracy of Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Self-Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Reported High School Grade Point Average Research ReportNo 2009-5Examining theAccuracy ofSelf-ReportedHigh SchoolGrade PointAverageEmily J Shaw and Krista D Matternwww collegeboard comCollege Board Research Report No 2009-5Examining the Accuracy ofSelf-Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Reported High SchoolGrade Point AverageEmily J Shaw and Krista D MatternThe College Board New York 2009Emily J Shaw ...

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Investigation Of Maternal Environmental Exposures In Association With Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Self Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Reported Preterm Birth

Investigation of maternal environmental exposures in association with Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Self-Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Reported preterm birth Reproductive Toxicology 45 2014 1 7Contents lists available at ScienceDirectReproductive Toxicologyjournal homepage www elsevier com locate reprotoxInvestigation of maternal environmental exposures in associationwith Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Self-Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Reported preterm birthChirag J Patel a Ting Yang b Zhongkai Hu b Qiaojun Wen b J...

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2010 A Comparison Of Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Self Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Reported Alcohol Use

A comparison of Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Self-Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Reported alcohol use measures by early adolescents: Questionnaires versus diary Journal of Substance Use June 2010 15 3 166 173ORIGINAL ARTICLEJournal1475-99421465-9891TJSU of Substance Use Vol 1 No 1 Jul 2009 pp 0 0UseA comparison of Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Self-Weight:bold;color: #005bcc">Reported alcohol use measuresby early adolescents Questionnaires versus diaryINA M KONING1 ZEENA HARAKEH1 RUTGER C M E ENGELS2I M Koning et...

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