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Efficient Document Retrieval In Main Memory

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Lect16 Main Memory

Microsoft PowerPoint - lect16-Main-Memory.pptx ReadingsMain MemoryDiscuss In classReview due 3 18 2012 Benjamin C Lee Ping Zhou Jun Yang YoutaoProf Mikko H Lipasti Zhang Bo Zhao Engin Ipek Onur Mutlu Doug Burger Phase-ChangeTechnology and the Future of Main Memory IEEE Micro vol 30 no 1University of Wisconsin Madison pp 143-143 Jan Feb 2010Read Sec 1 skim Sec 2 read Sec 3 Bruce Jacob The MemorySys...

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Efficient Document Retrieval In Main Memory

SIGIR 2007 Proceedings Session 8 Managing Memory Ef cient Document Retrieval In Main MemoryTrevor Strohman W Bruce Croftstrohman cs umass edu croft cs umass eduDepartment of Computer ScienceUniversity of MassachusettsAmherst MA 01003ABSTRACT represents a di erent query it is not clear that disks will beDisk access performance is a major bottleneck In traditional able to keep upinformation retrieva...

socios.spc.org.pe/ecuadros/cursos/pdfs/EnglishPresentat...main memory.pdf
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2011 Sigapp Hcseok

Efficient page caching algorithm with prediction and migration for a hybrid Main Memory Efficient Page Caching Algorithm with Prediction andMigration for a Hybrid Main MemoryHyunchul Seok Youngwoo Park Ki-Woong Park and Kyu Ho ParkKAISTDaejeon Koreahcseok ywpark woongbak core kaist ac kr and kpark ee kaist ac krABSTRACTEmerging next generation memories NVRAMs such as Phase-change RAM PRAM Ferroele...

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YELLOW TREE - A DISTRIBUTED Main-Memory SPATIAL INDEX STRUCTURE FOR MOVING OBJECTSByHariharan GowrisankarB E Anna University Chennai India 1999A THESISSubmitted In Partial Fulfillment of theRequirements for the Degree ofMaster of Sciencein Spatial Information Science and EngineeringThe Graduate SchoolThe University of MaineDecember 2006Advisory CommitteeSilvia Nittel Assistant Professor In Spatial...

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Deadlock & Main Memory I - Lecture Information Deadlock MainMemory IDr Cem zdoganLecture 8Deadlock Main Memory ILecture InformationDeadlocksSystem ModelCeng328 Operating Systems at April 13 2010 Deadlock CharacterizationNecessary ConditionsResource-AllocationGraphMethods for HandlingDeadlocksDeadlock PreventionMutual ExclusionHold and WaitNo PreemptionCircular WaitDeadlock AvoidanceSafe StateDeadl...

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