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Appendix 13 Supporting Looked After Learners A Practical Guide For School Governors

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Appendix 13 Supporting Looked After Learners A Practical Guide For School Governors

Appendix-13-Supporting-Looked-After-Learners-A-Practical-Guide-For-School-Governors GuidanceOrganisationManagementSchool performanceManagementSupporting LookedAfter LearnersA Practical Guide For School governorsFOREWORDAs A governor you make A real difference in Centre For Education It is designed to helphelping your School provide the best possible Governors gain an understanding of theeducation ...

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Looked After Children School Policy Jan2011

School Policy For the Education of Looked After Children TUNBRIDGE WELLSGRAMMAR School For BOYSPolicy For the Education of Looked AfterChildrenProduced by Aidan CoenReviewed January 2010Next review January 2011This policy is currently under reviewContentsIntroduction 2Implications 2Responsibility of the Governing Body 3Responsibility of Designated Teacher 3The Responsibilities of all Staff 41Intro...

twgsb.org.uk/downloads/looked after children school pol...icy Jan2011.pdf
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Looked After Children Policy January 20141

Microsoft Word - Looked After Children Policy January 2014 Parsons Down Partnership of SchoolsEducation of Looked After Children PolicyJanuary 2014Who are our Looked After ChildrenChildren and young people become Looked After either if they have been taken into Care bythe Local Authority either via A legal route under The Children s Act 1989 or where avoluntary agreement has been reached with the ...

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Education Of Looked After Children Policy

The Howard School EDUCATION OFLOOKED AFTERCHILDRENPOLICYCommittee Responsible Curriculum Student Related MattersDate last reviewed Summer 2012Education of Looked After ChildrenAim RationaleNationally Looked After Children significantly underachieve and are at greater risk of exclusioncompared with their peers Schools have A major part to play in ensuring that Looked AfterChildren are enabled to be...

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Policy For The Education Of Looked After Children

Policy For the Education of Looked After Children Policy For the Educationof Looked After ChildrenGainford C of E PrimaryChildren in public care are our childrenWe hold their future in our hands andeducation is the key to that futureSTATEMENT OF INTENTLooked After children have the right to the same outcomes we want For every child-that they should be healthy stay safe enjoy and achieve make A pos...

gainfordceschool.org.uk/schoolpolicies/non_curr_pol/Pol...er Children.pdf
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