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07 03 14 Transplant Games Nevada Team Xochie

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07 03 14 Transplant Games Nevada Team Xochie

MEDIA OPPORTUNITY Interview local resident Contact Anthony BordersCTDN Communications Manager 510 301 8247Reno Resident with New Kidney Headed toTransplant GamesKidney Transplant recipient XochieAranda-Rogers of Reno is a memberof the Nevada Team for the Donate LifeTransplant Games of America July 11through 15th in Houston More than3 000 people will attend the multi-sport competition including tra...

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06 30 14 San Ramon Teen Heading For Transplant Games

MEDIA ADVISORY Interview local family Contact Anthony Borders CTDNCommunications Manager 510 301 8247San Ramon Teen Headed for TransplantGames of AmericaKevin Murphy will run with new heart that saved his lifeKevin Murphy is one of more than 60 people on theNorCal Team for the Transplant Games of AmericaJuly 11 through 15th in Houston His three brothersand mother Dianna and father Tim will be on h...

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2013 Westfield Health British Transplant Games Transport Information

2013 Westfield Health British Transplant Games TRANSPORT INFORMATIONTransport is provided from the Games Village to All Venues Social EventsTransport is only provided from BTG Bus Stops 2 3 4 to the venues that are not on the Supertram SystemOnly Accredited people are able to access official Games TransportGames Accredited people are able to access the Supertram system Free of Charge throughout th...

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FISU World University Games OFFICIAL Team for Austria 2005 FISU Team NOMINATION - AUSTRIA 2005NOMINATION DE L QUIPE FISU AUTRICHE 2005The Biathlon Canada FISU selection committee is happy to announce the 2005Canadian World University Games Biathlon Team CongratulationsLe comit de s lection FISU de Biathlon Canada est fier de nominer l quipeCanadienne de Biathlon 2005 pour les Jeux mondiaux FISU F ...

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The Blood and Marrow Transplant Health Care Team PATIENT EDUCATIONpatienteducation osumc eduThe Blood and Marrow TransplantHealth Care TeamHere is a list of your Blood and Marrow Transplant BMT Health CareTeam Each member of the care Team is important They all worktogether to give you and your family the best care Please let us know ifyou have any questions or concernsJob Title Job FunctionDoctor ...

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