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PC Minutes 10 23 13

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Pc Minutes 2009 04

fpc Pc Minutes 21 April 09 21 April 2009MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF FOWLMERE PARISH COUNCIL HELDIN SCHOOL ROOM UNITED REFORMED CHURCH21st APRIL 2009 AT 7 30 PMPRESENT Cllr M Bates Chairman Cllr P Flynn Cllr W KohlerCllr P Cook Cllr A Eades Mrs J Fletcher ClerkIN ATTENDANCE Cllr T StoneCllr Bates asked all members present to stand for one minute of silence in respect of a Actionsformer member of the ...

fowlmereparishcouncil.com/Minutes/2009/PC Minutes 2009 ...tes 2009 04.pdf
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Pc Minutes 2012 01 19

Microsoft Word - Pc-Minutes-2012-01-19.doc St Camillus Parish Council 2012-01-192011 - 2012 FinalParish Council Meeting NotesJanuary 19 2012Date Time Place St Anthony Room7 30PM - 9 00PMAttendancePresentPresentPresentCouncil CouncilFriarsMembers MembersCullen Jim Yes Mbouyo Silvio No Mike Johnson OFM YesDorrien Todd Yes Mpia Alphonse No Jean-Marie Kabango OFM NoGarcia Alfredo Yes Ngatchou Theodore...

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Pc Minutes 092711

Microsoft Word - Pc Minutes 092711.doc MinutesSt Patrick Parish Pastoral Council MeetingSeptember 27 2011Present Father Gene Teresa Cameron Joy Case Ed Hanson Nini Milbrath Roger Pelzel and HeidiYoungAlso Present Larry Huiras Mary Piasecki Howard Cameron Cathy Smolinske and Phyllis KossAbsent Ron Daulton Shawn Schmidtknecht Terry Bogenhagen Claire Zajac Brian HuffmanThe meeting was called to order...

stpatrickofhudson.org/files/stpatrick/files/PC Minutes ...utes 092711.pdf
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Pc Minutes 10162012

Microsoft Word - Pc Minutes 10-16-12.docx HALFMOON TOWNSHIPPlanning Commission MeetingOctober 16 2012 7 00 pmPresent Danelle Del Corso Bob Eberhart Larry Fennessey JordanFinkelstein Lorin Nauman John Stevens Joe TylkaAbsent noneOthers present D J Liggett CRPA Susan Steele Township Manager TimKelsey Penn State Todd Kirsten BOS Andrew Merritt BOSMark Stevenson BOS Melissa Gartner Recording Secretary...

halfmoontwp.us/Documents/PC Minut...es 10162012.pdf
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Pc Minutes 012412

Pc Minutes 012412 MinutesSt Patrick Parish Pastoral CouncilJanuary 24 2012Present Father John Teresa Cameron Joy Case Ron Daulton Ed Hanson Roger Pelzel ShawnSchmidtknecht and Heidi YoungAlso present Cathy Smolinske Terry Bogenhagen Claire Zajac and Phyllis KossAbsent Nini MilbrathThe meeting was called to order by Chair Ron Daulton at 7 05 PMPRAYER The Gospel for the 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time M...

stpatrickofhudson.org/files/stpatrick/files/PC Minutes ...utes 012412.pdf
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