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Kcc Akcflyer 11email

Layout 1 A K I N G S C H R I S T M A S 2011A Feast of Seasonal Song and Storyking s College Chapel Choir Friday 9 December 2011 Saturday 10 December 2011 Sunday 11 December 2011Directed by Paul Halley 7 30PM 7 30PM 2 00 and 7 30PMSt John s Anglican Church Wolfville Baptist Church The Cathedral ChurchGuest NarratorLunenburg Wolfville of All SaintsAlexander MacLeodMartello Street HalifaxA K ING S C ...

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in a storyThey seem to be brought to life by their actions and they may even grow up orchange as people do in real lifeA Real KingLarry the lion had been king of the grasslands for a very long time butthe animals felt they needed a new king Larry had become lazy meanand selfish When Larry learned that the animals wanted a new king he setthe animals free and laughed to himself They will beg to have

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Jamiegiannini Resume

windows spike pits bridge traps ball drops and wind trapsScripted a flaming crossbow weapon that ignites zombies and castlefurniturePrison Break June 2011 July 2011Engine Unreal Engine 3Sole level designer scripterDesigned and built a Locust prison environment utilizing BSP brushes andstatic meshesScripted player to play as a Locust prison guardCreated custom matinee sequences to communicate story

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1them telling very long stories but the 1 storyteller try to told the King a 2King were always sad when the stories 1 never-ending story 0was over 1 One day a clever stranger come 1One day he sends a message into 1 into the palace 0every city and town in his kingdom 0 Great King he say are it true 2To the man who can telling a never- 1 that you wanting to heard a story 2ending story I will gave my

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Transcendence Newsletter Week 5

ctive play-testing integrate with the story and experience that we are creatingand concerning a unified art and user interface style Weaddressed this issue by re-framing our design process fromtrying to create actual miniature games into creatingBREAKDOWN interactive story pieces The result was a game where playersmust tickle Panther to awaken her and find Wolf in order toAt the beginning of this

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