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Taming Feral Kittens

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Ho Taming Feral Kittens

Microsoft Word - HO-Taming-Feral-Kittens Taming Feral or Shy KittensThe process of Taming Kittens can take a few days or a few months depending on their ageand their exposure to humans before you rescued them individual temperament even within the same litter and theirstate of wildness or previous trauma Taming a kitten teaching it to love and trust humans is a very rewarding processBy doing so yo...

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Taming Feral Kittens

Taming Feral Kittens Feral CAT COALITION 9528 Miramar Rd 160 San Diego CA 92126 619-758-9194Taming Feral KittensFeral cats are homeless cats many of whom were born in the wild others are pets who were abandonedor have become lost They are for all intents and purposes wild animals Those adult stray cats whichwere once owned or Feral cats of quiet temperament may sometimes be tamed with patience How...

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Workshop Socialization Austin 2013 04 01

Workshop: Saving Lives Through the Rehabilitation of Undersocialized & Feral Kittens Sponsored by Hosted by The Austin Humane SocietyInstructors Mike Phillips and Valerie Sicignano the NYC Feral Cat Initiativea program of the Mayor s Alliance for NYC s AnimalsDinner will be provided Please do not bring animals to the workshopwith the exception of service animalsFREE Workshop Please join usMonday A...

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New York City Feral Cat Initiative What is the New York City Feral Cat InitiativeThe New York City Feral Cat Initiative NYCFCI is a program of the Mayor s Alliance for NYC s Animalsa coalition of more than 150 animal rescue groups and shelters working with Animal Care Controlof NYC AC C to end the killing of healthy and treatable cats and dogs at AC C sheltersThe NYCFCI s mission is to raise aware...

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Socializing Ferals

socializingferals Tips on Taming Feral Cats and KittensWhen approaching a frightened catSpeak and move slowly and calmly and avoid high-pitched soundsDo not make sustained direct eye contact look down and to the sideWatch for body language signals and back off if the cat is warning you by growling spitting orswishing tailKeep fingers and fist together when approaching the cat spread fingers resemb...

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