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Microsoft Word - God and the Tsunami.doc God and the TsunamiSpiritual and Religious Leaders Discuss Tsunami Tragedy on CNN s Larry King Live January 7 2005PART 1 Where is God in this tragedyLARRY KING HOST How do we find God after losing so much in a historictragedy How much is our faith and a higher power tested by the Tsunami killing morethan 150 000 people in a matter of moments We ll ask spiri...

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Power Word God

The Power of the Spoken Word of God The Beginning of the WordThe power of the spoken Word of God and what it can accomplishthere is power in words- illus declaration of independence - with and without signatures- illus girl who warned about a Tsunami - on desktop- illus Power of the Spoken Word - on desktop - shows that parents words are powerful- P - Deut 11 19 command for Israel to teach their c...

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Cause To Question The Existence Of God

Cause To Question The Existence Of God by David Cambridge CAUSE TO QUESTION THE EXISTENCE OF GODThe Foundation Of Our FaithStory 1 THE TSUNAMIImpact The western tip of theIndonesian island of Sumatrathe closest inhabited area tothe epicenter of theearthquake was devastated bythe Tsunami More than 70 ofthe inhabitants of some coastalvillages are reported to havediedToll 111 171 people diedwhile mor...

kingscrosscoc.org.uk/My Sermons/Cause To Question The E...ence Of God.pdf
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The Lamb Of God

THE LAMB OF God.doc THE LAMB OF GODGod s Word Mark 1 1-11 John 1 29You remember that God sent chosen people as his messengers or prophets One of thosepeople was named Isaiah Isaiah said that God promised to send someone to rescuepeople from their sins someone who would defeat death The savior would be beaten sothat we could have peace and would go like a lamb to be killed RememberGod always keeps ...

https://oralitystrategies.org/files/1/735/The Lamb of G...Lamb of God.pdf
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The Asian Tsunami And The Hecatombs

The Asian Tsunami and the hecat The Asian Tsunami and the hecatombs of the growth economy TAKIS FOTOPOULOSThe International Journal of INCLUSIVE DEMOCRACY Vol 1 No 4 July 2005The Asian Tsunami and the hecatombs ofthe growth economyTAKIS FOTOPOULOSThe catastrophic Indonesian earthquake and the subsequent Tsunami has not created anyhecatombs among the privileged social strata with the exception of r...

inclusivedemocracy.org/journal/pdf files/pdf vol1/The A...e hecatombs.pdf
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