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Staff Report Setback Reduction

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Staff Report Setback Reduction

Staff Report to the North Ogden City Planning Commission SYNOPSIS APPLICATION INFORMATIONApplication Request Consideration and action on a legislative application regarding anamendment to 11-10 Regulations Applicable to More Than One Zone toclarify Setback standards for lots that have a slope greater than 10Agenda Date November 5 2014Applicant North Ogden CityFile Number ZTA 2014-10STAFF INFORMATI...

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ViI am Patel PLANNING BOARD OF Petitioner1 HOWARD COUNTY MARYLANDZRA13523MOTION To recommend approval with modifications of the proposal to amend Section4 131 N 43 of the Zoning Regulations to amend the required Setback provisions forriding academies and horse stables on sites in the RC and RR Districts over 20 acres5 in size6 ACTION Recommended approval witll modifications o petitioJl Vote 4 to O...

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Cm Report 14 03 04

CM Report 14-03-04 City of Cannon BeachMonthly Status ReportTo Mayor and City CouncilFrom Richard Mays City ManagerDate March 4 2014Executive ReportApparently the City of Seaside is interested in acquiring the two portable classrooms located on theEast side of the old elementary school property I have been told that the school district will allow theCity to remove the classrooms in the next couple...

ci.cannon-beach.or.us/docs/City/StatusReports/2014/CM R...rt 14-03-04.pdf
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Flyer Wellnesscenterepic

Go Live Staff Stress Reduction Calendar May 12-16 During Epic Go Live Week the Wellness-Survivorship Center has added free daily classes and servicesto help Huntsman Cancer Institute Staff reduce stress Please use these opportunities to promote yourown wellness during the transitionMonday May 12 Tuesday May 136-6 30 a m Resistance Training 8 30-9 a m Guided MeditationCancer Learning Center Confere...

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t WaiverSubdivision 5 Lots or Less With Waiver 300 plus 25 lot 1i 200Subdivision 5 Lots or Less on Private Street 300 plus 25 lot 1m 100Town Home Development 300 plus 25 lot 1i 200Preliminary Subdivision Plat 300 plus 25 lot 1i 200Revision to Approved Preliminary Plat Public Hearing 300 plus 25 each additional lot 1i 200NONE Revision to Approved Preliminary Plat Staff Level 100 plus 25 lot N A N A

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