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Tax Saving Strategies

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Tax Saving Strategies

Microsoft Word - Tax Saving Strategies S USIFOInvestmentsTax Saving Strategies that couldsave you ThousandsThere are so many ways in which we re taxed Claim all your expenses This applies to Individuals tooit seems impossible to make savingsEspecially when most Tax comes directly outIntroduction of our pay packets or is added to goods we Many people or investors are unaware of some of the expenses...

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Individual Tax Planning Strategies 20132

Microsoft Word - Individual Tax Planning Strategies 2013 Individual Tax Planning StrategiesTax Saving Strategies prior to 1 July 2013WARNING Accelerating Tax claimsA good strategy to reduce Tax payable is normally to accelerate any income taxdeductions into the current income year which will reduce overall taxable income in thecurrent yearThe Tax rates for resident individual taxpayers for the 201...

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2013 2014 Individual Checklist

Tax Saving Strategies prior to 1 July 2009 2013 14 Your ChecklistClaims for deductionsReceipts for deductionsIndividual Tax Return Car claims and log booksCar record keepingPlease review the information below andChecklist contact our office if you need assistanceTax Saving Strategies prior to 1 July 2014A good strategy to reduce Tax payable is normally to accelerate any income Tax deductions into ...

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Personal Income Tax Planning Strategies 20131

Microsoft Word - Personal Income Tax Planning Strategies 2013.docx Personal Income Tax Planning Strategies - 2013Unless Congress acts soon taxes will go up next year while certain Tax breaks will be curtailed oreliminated In addition taxpayers will be taxed on two Medicare surtaxes on certain types of incomeunder the Affordable Care Act ACA beginning in 2013 It might be more advisable to push inco...

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Business Tax Planning Strategies 2014

Microsoft Word - Business Tax Planning Strategies 2014 Business Tax Planning StrategiesMany of our business clients like to review their Tax position at the end of the financial yearand evaluate any year-end Strategies that may be available to legitimately reduce their taxTraditionally year-end Tax planning for small businesses is based around two simpleconcepts accelerating business deductions an...

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