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Drucker Archives Contribution To The Oral History Project To Druckers 90th Birthday Malik 1999

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Drucker Archives Contribution To The Oral History Project To Druckers 90th Birthday Malik 1999

Contribution To The Oral History Project in honor of Prof Peter F Drucker To his 90th birthdayBy Prof Dr Fredmund MalikOctober 1999As for many others Professor Peter Drucker has been one of The most important teachers and mentors inmy live for more than thirty years for a very long time without knowing about it I have had The occasion tomeet him personally only three times The first time in 1988 a...

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Oral History Booklet For Web

A Guide To Collecting Oral History for Local Covenant ChurchesBy Lars Jenner for The Commission on Covenant HistoryCopyright 2013 The Evangelical Covenant ChurchThe Commission on Covenant HistoryA Guide To Collecting Oral History for Local Covenant Churches is available online at The Covenant Archivesand Historical Library website www northpark edu brandel-library Archives and at The Covenant webs...

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Audiotapes Oral History

Oral History on audio cassettes at The Corrales Historical Society Archives Address mail P O Box 1051 Corrales NM 87048 Website corraleshistory orglocation 966 Old Church Road Corrales NM 87048 Hours by appointment onlyContact person Mary P Davis 898-5017 mpdavis69 gmail comOLD TIMERS MISCELLANEOUSInterview subject Date Interviewer TranscriptErnest Alary 1976 Alice Glover no1996 Anita Jo Berry yes...

corraleshistory.org/html/Audiotapes - o...ral history.pdf
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Oral History Permission Form

RESEARCH USE OF The Oral History TRANSCRIPT OF of has requested To use my Oral History transcript in The John F Kennedy Library in connection with research onMy instructions in this matter are as followsGeneral Access Applicant has my permission To see The transcript Application To see The transcript is deniedNote Taking Applicant may take notes on The transcript Applicant may not take notes on th...

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Oral History Guidelines

Oral History Guidelines Oral History Basic GuidelinesThese basic guidelines can help you get started with an Oral History projectPlan Decide what you want To accomplish and who you want To interview Consider ifthe Project will be a life review or topic oriented model Other considerations includebudget publicity evaluation personnel equipment and time frames Attachment IResearch Do your homework Fi...

archives.utah.gov/USHRAB/Oral History... Guidelines.pdf
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