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Pst 132

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Pst Example

Pst Example Psychological Skills Training Program Stress Management for College Female Ice Hockey Goalie8 December 2011ESS 220 Psychology of SportExcellent early Master s level work AIntroductionThe use of psychological skills to enhance mental skills during athletic performances isincreasing due to the realization that physical conditioning is not sufficient alone Psychologicalskills enable an at...

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Pst Blur

Pst-blur package version 1.0 Pst-blur packageversion 1 0Martin Giese98 09 151 IntroductionThe ability to paint shadows on arbitrary shapes is a standard feature of PSTricksHowever these shadows are always hardThe Pst-blur package provides blurred shadows for closed shapes drawn withPSTricksIt also provides a new box command psblurbox which is similar to psshadowboxbut gives the box a blurred shado...

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Pst Reading List

Pst reading list 2007.Pdf Readings in Applied Sport Psychology Psychological Skills TrainingMichael L Sachs Temple UniversityAlan S Kornspan University of AkronInformation about applied sport psychologyApplied sport psychologists are frequently asked how to find information aboutpsychological skills training PSTTo answer this question the following reading list was developedIt identifies books in ...

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Pst Bezier Doc

Documentation of Pst-bezier tex Tobias N hringawww tn-home deSeptember 12 2004Contents1 Introduction 12 Installation and usage of Pst-bezier tex 23 The bcurve macro 24 Things that do not work known bugs 71 IntroductionThe pstricks package provides essentially two main macros for drawingcurves pscurve and psbezier Both macros employ Bezier splinesThe pscurve macro takes multiple interpolated points...

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Pst Vue3d Doc

3D views with Pst-vue3d v 1 23Manuel Luque and Herbert VoMarch 26 2007Contents1 Presentation 22 Aims 23 Rotating in the 3D space 34 Location of the cube in the space 35 Constructions using cubes 36 Sphere part of sphere half-sphere parallels and meridians 117 A Hole in a sphere 128 Drawing a cylinder 139 Tetrahedron cone and square pyramid 139 1 square pyramid 139 2 Cone 1410 Points and lines 1411...

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