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Public Access Work Guidance For Barristers

DIRECT ACCESS Work PUBLIC ACCESS WORKGUIDANCE FOR BARRISTERSMarch 2010INDEXPUBLIC ACCESS Work Guidance FOR BARRISTERSIndex 2First steps 4The nature Of public access Work 4General restrictions on the acceptance Of Work 5The conduct Of litigationCode Of conduct prohibitionsWitnessesCorrespondenceDeciding whether or not to accept public access Work 12Application Of the cab-rank and non-discrimination...

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Equitable Life 4 5d

Equitable Life: a decade Of regulatory failure - GAD's Insurance Supervisory Work Guidance Manual .doc GAD s Insurance Supervisory Work Guidance ManualPart four primary and secondary documents 621GAD s Insurance Supervisory Work Guidance Manual622 Equitable Life a decade Of regulatory failureGAD s Insurance Supervisory Work Guidance ManualPart four primary and secondary documents 623GAD s Insuranc...

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Regularisation Certificate

Building Control - Application for a Regularisation Certificate TRAFFORD BOROUGH COUNCILBUILDING REGULATIONS 2010REGULATIONS 18 2APPLICATION FOR A Regularisation CERTIFICATEPlanning and Building Control PO BOX 96 Waterside House Sale WatersideSale M33 7ZFTel 0161-912 3015 5870 5871 Fax 0161-912 3179E-Mail building control trafford gov uktmp46E061FF docRevised September 2011 Page 1 Of 4FOR OFFICE U...

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Violence At Work Guidance Note Sa Gn 32 V1 Jan 2014

Violence at Work Guidance Note 32Jan 141Violence at WorkIntroductionThis Guidance Note gives practical information about managing violence at workA sample risk assessment template has been included in Appendix 1 and a sample policytemplate in Appendix 2 If you wish to use these templates to construct your owndocuments you must ensure that all references to Santia Accreditation have been removedand...

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Regularisation Of Unauthorised Work Guidance

Microsoft Word - Unauthorised building Work.doc Regularisation Of Unauthorised WORKWhat is itThe Building Regulations provide for a property owner to apply to the Local Authorityfor a Regularisation certificate in respect Of Unauthorised building Work This meanswork which was carried out on or after 11th November 1985 and which should havebeen subject to the Building Regulations procedures but was...

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