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Preek Mader 120916

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Preek Mader 120916

hriststand in for Karl here todayBut surely there can be no common ground between the two gospels I mean John Mark sGospel is about spiritual matters about sin and repentance and grace and the saving blood ofJesus and how to get to heaven and Karl Marx s gospel is about material things captiveentirely to this world isn t itThe latter may be true but the former is false In the comments that follow

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Preek Mader 120520

ing a Christian If you ve ever seen an Anglican bishop infull drag or heard a Salvation Army band you know what the references are there and well ifyou ve ever known a really dour hidebound orthodox Presbyterian or Reformed believer or attendedall too many Presbyterian or Reformed service where everything is done properly and in good orderyou will have a pretty good idea of why they are paired wit

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Preek Mader 121021

ut we shouldn t be Ussher worked with extremescientific precision There were several other chronologies which had attempted to establish thedate of creation for instance by Ussher s contemporary the famous astronomer Johannes KeplerUssher s won out for its rigour He worked back from the earliest date which could be established inworld historiography at the time the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar of

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Preek Mader 120415

to lobby for support for innercity work in a denomination which was fast abandoning the city One of the parts of theexhibit were several banners based on Bible texts made by our youth groups The one ourown youth group made was based on the Lord s instruction to Paul about remaining inCorinth despite his difficulties there Acts 18 9-11 Keep on speaking for I have manypeople in this city with a city

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Vragen Bij Preek 5 En 6 19 En 26 Januari 2014

Vragen bij Preek 5 en 6 19 en 26 januari 2014 Vragen bij Preek 5 en 65 Verward door schuld en schaamte6 Is twijfel gezond of zonde1 In de Preek maakte ik onderscheid tussen schuld en schaamte Je weet bijv dat God jevergeven heeft en toch voel je je niet bevrijd Is dat herkenbaar Wil je er iets over delen2 De verloren zoon Lukas 15 17-19 en 21 worstelde met zijn schuld tegenover zijn Vaderen met sc...

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