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No More Gunk Crossword Puzzle

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Pages: 8
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Microsoft Word - US Hist Crossword Puzzle -- Units 1-3.doc U S History Crossword Puzzle for Citizenship Class Units 1-3Directions If the answer is a name write the person s last name onlyIf the answer has More than one word run the words together without any spaces12 34 5 6 789101112 1314 1516 17 1819202122Across Down2 One of the authors of the Federalist Papers 1 U S fought Germany Japan and Ital...

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Nomoregunk Crossword&answers

Microsoft Word - Crossword Puzzle for No More Gunk only.doc No More Gunk12 34 567 891011 12 1314 1516171819ACROSS DOWN2 Hole in tooth 1 Illustrator of No More Gunk6 Teeth will do this if not brushed 3 What you get when teeth rot9 Builds up on teeth 4 Author of No More Gunk11 Brush every time after eating this 5 Rinse with this after brushing13 A paste for cleaning teeth 7 Doctor who cleans teeth14...

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Crossword Puzzle Placemat Answers

Microsoft Word - Crossword Puzzle PLACEMAT ANSWERS.doc GIRL SCOUT GLOSSARY Crossword Puzzle PLACEMAT ANSWERSAcross2 Ceremony in which girl forgets her promise after practicing it at least 25times that afternoonINVESTITURECEREMONY3 A geographical subdivision of a council with a fancy name to confuse newleaders as to where they belongNEIGHBORHOOD4 Poster board announcing for all to see who gets to c...

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Crossword Puzzle GeometryName DateInstructions Complete the Crossword Puzzle Use the clues to help you solve the puzzle1 234 5 67 89 1011 12 13141516171819Across1 geometry The study of geometrical systems that are not in accordance with theParallel Postulate of Euclidean geometry3 Points that lie on the same line4 The set of points that satisfy a given condition7 The branch of geometry that deals...

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Let Us Sing Songs And Idle No More

Let us Sing Songs, and Idle No More In The Diviners Margaret Laurence uses the recurring metaphor of writing to not onlyframe the structure of her novel but also as a thematic symbol of the preservation of historyUsing the minor charters of Christie Logan and Jules Tonnerre the preservation of heritage isinseparable from the act of writing Christie s drunken Scottish zealotry and the stories he te...

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