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Chapter 7 Socket Programming & JAVA

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Chapter 7 Socket Programming & Java

Microsoft Word - Chapter 7 - Socket Programming & Java.doc 6521TCP IPIPMS-Windows 1TCP IPC2TCP IPCgcc12SourceSocket752I OPRNopen fopen1write fwriteclose fclosecon1File Descriptor8521FIFO 2I OI OIPNULLsend writerecv readclosesocket12ScannerPipe9521TSAP223TCP UDPTCPFTPHTTP SMTP12Transport Service Access Point3Connection OrientedConnectionless062TCPIPTCP 12UDPDNSTCP UDPTCP UDP3312Connection3Tree Way ...

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Php Melonfire Socket Programming With Php 26

Socket Programming With PHP By icarusThis article copyright Melonfire 2000 2002 All rights reservedSocket Programming With PHPTable of ContentsDoing A Deal 1Going Backwards 2Putting It All Together 7Fortune s Fool 8Looping The Loop 10On Web bed Feet 13Different Strokes 15POP Goes The Weasel 17Access Denied 21Game Over 24iDoing A DealIf you ve been working with PHP for a while you re probably used ...

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Socket Programming in Java 1 Socket Programming in Java1 First make sure that you have made yourself sufficiently familiar with the labenvironment to create build and run the traditional Hello World program in JavaRefer to the Sun Java Getting Started Tutorial if you need help with this2 Next work through the Sun Sockets Tutorial implementing the programs andreviewing other aspects of the Networki...

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Sockets It

Socket Programming HOWTO Socket Programming HOWTORelease 0 00Gordon McMillan12 dicembre 2003gmcm hypernet comSommarioI Socket hanno vasta diffusione ma restano una delle tecnologie meno comprese Questo documento solo unapanoramica sui Socket Non un vero e proprio tutorial - dovrete ancora lavorare parecchio per far funzionarele cose Non si occupa delle sottigliezze e ve ne sono parecchie ma spero ...

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10 Socket Programming 2 2 Internet Address Conversion

Microsoft PowerPoint - 10-Socket Programming-2.2.Internet Address Conversion.ppt 2Dongwon Jeongdjeong kunsan ac krInformation Sciences Technology Laboratory32 IPSocket ProgrammingBasics- 11CPU50146 0xC3E2Socket Programming80x86 E2 C3 little endLittle-EndianMC68000 SUN C3 E2 gig endBasicsBig-Endiann n 1 n n 1E2 C3 C3 E2a Little-endian 80x86 a Big-endian MC68000- 2contIPHigh-order Big-endianSocket P...

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