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Rebe Sp14 A2

Microsoft Word - Rebe 9 1.docx Romanian Economic and Business Review Vol 9 No 1 21WHAT CAUSES WHAT AVIATION DEMAND AND ECONOMICGROWTH IN ROMANIA COINTEGRATION ESTIMATION ANDCAUSALITY ANALYSISBilal Mehmood1Acleo Feliceo2Amna Shahid3AbstractThis paper is empirically analyses the aviation-led growth hypothesis for Romania by testingcausality between aviation and economic growth We resort to econometr...

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Rebe Wi10 A10

Microsoft Word - Rebe nr.5.4.doc 132 Accounting of Lease Contracts According to IAS 17 Leasing ContractsACCOUNTING OF LEASE CONTRACTS ACCORDING TO IAS 17LEASING CONTRACTSBoni Str oanu Daniela IovAbstractLeasing is a medium term movable leasing or long term real estate leasing financingtechnique as an alternative to indebtedness allowing a firm to exploit goods without being forced torely on loans ...

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Rebe Su07 A10

why isimportant to reveal the main characteristics of this system and to compare it withother types of managementMuch of the japanese culture- and the basis of working relationship- canbe explained by the principle of wa peace and harmony This principleembedded in the value they attribute to amae indulgent love probably originatedin the Shinto religionAmae results in shinyo which refers to the mu

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Rebe Sp11 A10

existence an adequacy filter a constancy of employees thereinforcement of discipline in institutions a growth of productivity an increase in people sresponsibilities and even the attenuation of income pressure All of these things can be capitalized forthe interest of institutionsAt the same time the crisis can be a rupture between the old and the new it can stimulatecreativity it can determine the

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Rebe Su06 A10

n of the euro who over the course of a generation will relate toonly these three new symbols which will mark their consciousness and their EuropeanidentityAlready the great number of currencies that exist throughout the world implyadditional costs for the international business people and for the investors but also for thecentral banks of those states that are confronted with major monetary crisis

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