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Winter Pub

a and aggregation On top of thesesessions held five days a week students had initial meetingswith their RW1 classes to do reporting and writing drills andCentennial Features All Things D evening all-class lectures on topics ranging from how to covera beat to understanding New York City s unique and complexA highlight of the School s centennial was the Oct 10demographics The month concluded with Gr

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March 2014

systemeducation are not free they If you have followed the Connie Malamed gearing up to offer Newdean- Graduate School of eLearning audio component to your teaching that -Why you should add videoset the trends for the future Obama administration s new I know how much competency-basedGSeL captures attention engages your audience -Internet of Everything andof education higher-education rating learni

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Alumninews Fa00

enrolled in the Practicum class inWinter 2001 Since field projects take time to line up we meet with students to give them ideas on makingcontacts and selecting projects We expect students to complete field projects that allow them todemonstrate the knowledge and skills they have developed in their graduate programs We also describethe Portfolio requirements that all students must complete before

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Cv Graham

rs Paper A Theory of Criminal PunishmentAdvisor Professor Jack FleerRecent PositionsDean School of Public and Environmental Affairs Indiana University Bloomington andIndianapolis Indiana 2008 to presentDirecting the largest comprehensive public policy school in the United States including a Master sof Public Affairs program that was tied for 2 in US News and World Report s 2009 nationalranking of

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Pubreport Apr 12

y Re-source Fair from press releaseLong Beach Press-Telegram April 8 2012 Informational brief on the college s Scott HendersonMemorial concert from press releaseLos Cerritos Community News April 13 2012 Article on the college s launch of Career Coachfrom press releaseLos Cerritos Community News April 13 2012 Article on the college s appointment of Newdean of Health Occupations from press releaseLo

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