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Electric Propulsion RevA

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ADVANCED Electric Propulsion CONCEPTS BASED ON MAGNETIC FLUX COMPRESSION AND EXPANSION Advanced Electric Propulsion Concepts Based onMagnetic Flux Compression and ExpansionIEPC-2005-049Presented at the 29th International Electric Propulsion Conference Princeton UniversityOctober 31 November 4 2005P J TurchiLos Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos NM 87545 USAAbstract High energy missions to the o...

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Marine References

Low Voltage Diesel Electric Propulsion ContentReference ListSISHIPCIS Drive LVMarine SolutionsVessels with Electric Propulsion supplied by Marine Solutions The system layout forthe vessel is shown in the single line diagram and the scope of supply is listed for eachvesselReference List SISHIP Drive LVwww siemens no marineV200810 Page 1ContentOffshore vessels Page 03Research vessels Page 90Ferries ...

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Technological requirements of nuclear Electric Propulsion systems for fast Earth-Mars transfers Progress in Propulsion Physics 4 2013 313-336DOI 10 1051 eucass 201304313Owned by the authors published by EDP Sciences 2013TECHNOLOGICAL REQUIREMENTSOF NUCLEAR Electric Propulsion SYSTEMSFOR FAST EARTH MARS TRANSFERSN B rend1 R Epenoy2 E Cliquet3 J Laurent-Varin3eand S Avril41ONERA The French Aerospace...

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An Overview of Electric Propulsion Activities in Japan IEPC-97-005 39AN OVERVIEW OF Electric Propulsion ACTIVITIES IN JAPANK Toki and A SasohAssociate Professor Institute of Space and Astronautical Science Sagamiham Kanagawa JapanAssociate Professor Institute of Fluid Science Tohoku University Sendai Miyagai JapanABSTRACT NASDA is also planning Electric propulsionapplications to many satellites to...

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May 20 13

Electric Propulsion Launchspace StaffBethesda Electric Propulsion has been around for several decades In fact the idea dates back to 1906when Robert Goddard made an entry in his personal notebook Five years later Konstantin Tsiolkovskypublished the idea The late 1950s and early 1960s saw a flurry of research on Electric propulsiondevices By 1962 technical papers that addressed the use of these new...

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