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What Young People With Economic Disadvantage Said

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What Young People With Economic Disadvantage Said

What have Young People With Economic Disadvantage Said about wellbeingEconomically disadvantaged Young People prioritised family and friends as important for agood life and in group work the least important domain for wellbeing similar to mostgroups was the domain of money However some respondents did desire more money tobuy status goods such as I-pads and labelled clothing and a number of issues ...

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What Young People With Disability Have Said

What have Young People With disability Said about wellbeingYoung People With disability felt that the family was the strongest source for their wellbeingbeing a safe and supportive sphere where they felt comfortable Friends also ranked highlyhowever the main unifying theme for this group was that they often felt that they stood outfrom their peers and this self-consciousness affected many of their...

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Letters To Young People Pt1

Microsoft Word - Letters to Young People.docx Letters to Young PeopleThough I can remember With reasonable clarity What it was like to be a teenager itseems that growing up as a Young person nowadays can be a pretty difficult thingThere are certainly a lot of pressures and troubles that I don t really remember andthe presentation of Young People in the media is generally very negative Even inlesso...

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What Young People From The Mainstream Said

What have Young People from the mainstream Said about wellbeingYoung People in the mainstream groups ranked similar domains to other groups whereFamily was seen as most important health and community were ranked rather low andmoney and material assets ranked lowest Some included their best friend as part of theirconcept of family and playing With parents and siblings was deemed important for famil...

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Young People Show Reluctance To Pursue Trade Apprenticeships Final

Young People SHOW RELUCTANCE TO PURSUE TRADE APPRENTICESHIPS 38 of Young women Said they would consider the industry if there were more female rolemodels in the profession90 of tradesmen have never received an application from a Young womanOver half of Young People dismiss the industry to follow traditional academic career pathsLONDON FEBRUARY 2014 Young People are failing to apply for apprentices...

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