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Kings Student Perspectives Philosophy Becca

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Pages: 8
Kings Student Perspectives Philosophy Becca

Microsoft Word - Philosophy - Rebecca - in development.doc King s Student I ve just completed my finals having studied thePhilosophy tripos for three yearsPerspectivesI have enjoyed studying Philosophy at Cambridge verymuch and would recommend it to anyone with aPhilosophy strong interest in analytic Philosophy and anenthusiasm for discussionBecca 3rd year When did you decide to applyfor Philosoph...

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Kings Student Perspectives Engineering Amy

Microsoft Word - Kings-Student-Perspectives-Engineering-Amy.doc Why did you chooseKing s Student Engineering atPerspectives CambridgeEngineering I d always been interested in science and wasleaning towards either physics or engineeringAfter doing research I finally settled onengineering It was really a teacher at schoolAmy 1st year who encouraged me to think about Oxbridgeand after looking at the ...

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Kings Student Perspectives Music Jess

Microsoft Word - Kings-Student-Perspectives-music-jess King s Student As I write this I m four days away from graduatinghaving completed a BA in Music at King s CollegePerspectives Cambridge It sounds illustrious andprestigious and all sorts of things thatI never expected to have to my nameMusic and somehow it doesn t go any wayto summing up the three years I vehad hereJess 3rd yearJessHow did you...

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Kings Student Perspectives Classics Amber

Microsoft Word - Kings-Student-Perspectives-Classics.doc I was always interested in literature andlanguages growing up and enjoyed Latin andKing s Student Greek when I started studying them atsecondary school I considered applying forPerspectives English or Modern Languages at university buteventually settled on Classics and I m veryglad I did I ve reallyClassics enjoyed the course3 year option I ...

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Kings Student Perspectives Pbs Lucy

Microsoft Word - Kings-Student-Perspectives-pbs-lucy King s Student How did your interest inPerspectives Psychology startI have been interested in people and how they think andPsychological behave since I was a small child I had always seen it as aninnate interest and it wasn t until I was in sixth form that Iand Behavioural began to consider studying social sciences at university I hadnever studi...

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