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Rubric For Grading

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Senior Capstone Notebook Rubric

Microsoft Word - NOTEBOOK Rubric.doc Senior ProjectNotebook Grading RubricThe notebook should contain the following components1 Advisor s letter to the 2 Attention 3 Table of 4 Introductory 5 Senior 6 Final paper with 7 Paperjudge getting cover Contents letter from Project Works Cited page Gradingstudent Overview Rubric8 Student Log 9 Mentor 10 Self- 11 Advisor 12 Project 13 Presentation 14Verific...

lakeviewschools.net/uploads/Senior Capstone NOTEBOOK RU...BOOK RUBRIC.pdf
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Microsoft Word - Martin Professional Reading Assignment Rubric.doc PROFESSIONAL READING ASSIGNMENT PROFESSIONAL READING ASSIGNMENTGrading Rubric Grading RubricName Title of Article Name Title of ArticleMagazine Newspaper Magazine NewspaperPossible Earned Possible EarnedArea of Evaluation Points Points Area of Evaluation Points PointsArticle is business or computer Article is business or computer5 ...

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Magazine Project 20111

E-Magazine Project Rubric Grading Sheet Name Class Magazine Title Magazine Cover Title Page Interview Index Table of ContentsName Image 2pts Title 1pt Article ptArticle s 1pt Intro Purp Date 2pt InterviewInterview pt Intro Background 4pt AuthorsPublication Date pt 10 Q A 5pt Page Numbers ptPrice UPC 1pt 2 pictures 1pt BibliographyAppearance 2pts Grammar Spelling 2pts Publication InfoTotal 7 Tota...

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Grading Assignment

Grading A BLACKBOARD ASSIGNMENT Faculty Support eLearningBlackboard LearnA Blackboard Assignment is a file submission link that connects to your course s Grade Center A studentuses the submission link to send a file to your Grade Center For your review When a student hassubmitted an assignment For Grading in the course follow these steps to view and grade theassignment1 In the course s CONTROL PAN...

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Create Modify And Delete Gradebooks

Create, Modify, and Delete GradeBooks Create Modify and Delete GradeBooksThis lesson will show you how to create a new gradebook e g For a particular section periodclass of students and or subject area in Illuminate GradebookWhere to StartClick Gradebook 1 and select My GradeBooks 2NOTE You will create multiple gradebooks For each period or subject you report out on in yourreport card You will rep...

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