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Finding Your Balance Between Work & Home

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Finding Your Balance Between Work & Home

Finding Your Balance: At Work and Home Mental Health Matters Work life Balance be an attainable goal but workers andbusinesses alike see the rewards When workers arein the Workplace balanced and happy they are more productive takefewer sick days and are more likely to remain in theirjobs Here are a few practical tipsAt WorkSet manageable goals each day Being able tomeet priorities helps us feel a ...

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Finding Your Balance

Finding Your Balance Finding Your balanceWhatever else optimal body usage might be it s got something to do with balanceBalance can seem complicated but we need just two things to explore it somegood ideas to help us understand how it works and the desire to feel whatever ishappeningHow we Balance has consequences that are more black-and-white then we mightimagine For example if we stand and let o...

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Finding Your Way Home Mary Ann Mhina1

Microsoft Word - Finding Your Way Home - Mary Ann Mhina (source file).docx Finding Your WayHomeMary Ann MhinaI feel at Home in myself nowIn a way I never did as a teenager and a young adultBut I didn t get here automaticallyI got here as a result ofReflectionAnd questioningAnd doing my workFinding Your Way Home is about some of the tools I have employed tohelp me find my way Home to myself over th...

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Massagetoday Com Finding Balance Between Life And Living 1251608673

Finding Balance Between Life and Living IMAGEMassage TodayJuly 2004 Vol 04 Issue 07Finding Balance Between Life and LivingBy Rebecca J RazoWow Summertime again Sure it s an old clich but I m truly amazed at how fast time flies and thebusier we are the faster it seems to goLike most people I m constantly on the run Between juggling a full-time job family a part-time schoolschedule and everything in...

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Top Tip Take Your Work Home With You

Microsoft Word - Top tip - Take Your Work Home with you.doc HILLARYSNEWS RELEASE TOP TIPTAKE Your Work Home WITH YOUWith improved technology and changes in Work patterns many of us are choosing towork from Home and leave behind packed trains traffic jams and the monotony of anine to five regimeSo while there are many advantages especially for parents of small children whocan adapt their working da...

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