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Income From Other Sources Practical

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Income From Other Sources Practical

Advance Learning on Income From Other Sources Practical Incomes which are charged to tax under the head Income From Other sourcesIllustration 1Mr Kapoor is a trader in shares He held several shares as stock-in-trade During the year2012-13 he received Rs 84 252 as dividend on shares held by him as stock-in-trade Hewants to treat the dividend Income of Rs 84 252 as business Income However hisaccount...

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Dolf De Roos Unconventional Income From Real Estate

Unconventional Income From Real Estate Unconventional Income From Real EstateBy Dolf de RoosMost people when contemplating a property investment think in terms of using a little cash as a deposit or down paymentborrowing some money From the bank in the form of a mortgage collecting rent to cover expenses such as the mortgageinterest maintenance and insurance and hopefully having some money left ov...

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Researching From Internet Sources

RESEARCHING From INTERNET Sources The internet is an amazing research tool A wealth of information is available at one sfingertips However a great deal of caution must be used when searching for Sources onthe internet Remember these tipsGoogle is not a source Search engines such as Google or Yahoo are just that resources to helpyou locate and navigate to a particular source Do not reference the se...

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Income Under The Head Other Sources2

Caultimates com Get More Updates From Caultimates com Join with us http facebook com groups caultimatesIncome Under The Head Other Sources 43INCOME UNDER THE HEADOTHER SOURCESSECTION 56 TO 59Introduction Get CA CMA CS Online Videos From SUPERPROFSAny Income profits or gains includible in the total Income of an assessee which cannot be included underany of the preceding heads of Income is chargeabl...

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Scharl2013 Media Watch On Climate Change Visual Analytics For Aggregating And Managing Environmental Knowledge From Online Sources

Media Watch on Climate Change—Visual Analytics for Aggregating and Managing Environmental Knowledge From Online Sources 2013 46th Hawaii International Conference on System SciencesMedia Watch on Climate Change Visual Analytics for Aggregating andManaging Environmental Knowledge From Online SourcesArno Scharl Alexander Albert Weichselbraun Heinz-Peter Lang Marta SabouHubmann-Haidvogel University ...

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