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Marquee Tool

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Marquee Tool

Microsoft Word - Marquee Tool.docx Introduction to Photoshop ElementsOpen photo that you have edited or correctedo Duplicate the image and name itIt s helpful to keep the original image without changes to avoid losing the content andmaking a mistake over your workMarquee ToolFraming- Draw a rectangle around subject or image- On the menu barchoose select then inversechoose edit then fill selectiono...

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Liquify Tool

Microsoft Word - liquify Tool Liquify ToolAdeelPicture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3Original picture Warp Tool Warp ToolMy little Blue Eyes Different brush sizes Brush size 29Mode Stiff Pressure 50Mode LooseI just tried out the liquify Tool the other day - and bam I fell in love instantlyThis is just so incredible fun Take your family pictures and make your aunt Edna and uncle George lookhilariousTake any...

baabulilm.org/images/pdf/12-tutorials/l...iquify tool.pdf
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Web Slicing

Creating Web Designs in Photoshop Using the Slice Tool by R Creating Web Designs in Photoshop Using the Slice Tool by R Berdan Nov 1 2004The fastest way to create a new web site is to design the look and feel in photoshop then slicethe images and save for web this will save the images create a table and write the HTML codefor you The images and tables will need some additional work in Dreamweaver ...

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Fireworks Animatedgiftutorial

An example would be a sprite sheetStep 2 Separate the images you want from the background and other images First open the image inFireworks then use the Marquee Tool to select one image at a time This image will become the first frameof the animation Once you have selected the image copy it using the Edit menu or keyboard shortcutNext create a new Fireworks file setting the dimensions to be about

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Create A Portrait From Text

funny story or describe something they veaccomplished Or you can just grab some random text from somewhere and paste it in It s completely up to youI ll be using Photoshop CS4 for thistutorial but any version of Photoshopshould work Here s the image I ll bestarting withThe original imageHere s how it will look after we ve cropped it and then convertedit to textLet s get startedThe final text portr

polandbulldogs.com/class/sj/lesplans/PS/Photoshop PDFs/...t From Text.pdf
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