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The Word Of God

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God Always Keeps His Promises Pdf Sec Id 180004026

Microsoft Word - God Always Keeps His Promises.doc Text Genesis 17 1-7 God ALWAYS KEEPS HIS PROMISESDo you remember The last time God spoke to you The average person on The street would most likely say God hasnever spoken to me However before you answer that question keep in mind The fact that God still speaks to us todaythrough his Word So let me ask you again When was The last time God spoke to ...

centennialwels.org/home/180004026/180004026/docs/God Al...ec_id=180004026
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God Is Communion

Microsoft Word - God is Communion.doc People Of The Way 2God as CommunionSermon for The Third Sunday Of Lent March 3 2013Readings Exodus 3 1-15 Psalm 63 1-8 1 Corinthians 10 1-13 Luke 13 1-9Sermon text God said to Moses I AM Who I AM Exodus 3 14As I did last week let me begin with a story from Dwight Zscheile s book People Of theWayMelissa had left The church long ago in her early twenties Frustra...

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20110403 God April 3 2011

Microsoft Word - God Sermon 04032011.doc God Reverend Christina Sillari April 3 2011Opening Words by Reverend Forrest ChurchIf you believe in God The best thing you can do for yourself is to suspendyour belief for a while because undoubtedly your God is too small and youmust be willing to grow beyond that God And if you don t believe in Godyour very disbelief is a stumbling block Kick it away for ...

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Power Word God

The Power Of The Spoken Word Of God The Beginning Of The WordThe power Of The spoken Word Of God and what it can accomplishthere is power in words- illus declaration Of independence - with and without signatures- illus girl who warned about a tsunami - on desktop- illus Power Of The Spoken Word - on desktop - shows that parents words are powerful- P - Deut 11 19 command for Israel to teach their c...

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The Word Of God

The Word Of God In The beginning God created The heavens and The earth He spoke his Let there be and matter wascreated through his spoken Word God existed prior to The beginning Of The created universe andaccording to Job The Word Of God The breath Of The Almighty is The giver Of lifeThe Word Of God became human and dwelt among us but The very world he created did not recognizehim He was full Of u...

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